Şanlıurfa Abide Bridge Interchange and Viranşehir Ceylanpınar Road Opened

The opening ceremony of the Şanlıurfa Abide Bridge Interchange and the Viranşehir-Ceylanpınar State Highway on the 29 December 2012 Saturday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Deputy Prime Minister Beşir ATALAY, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali YILDIRIM, Minister of National Education Ömer DİNÇER, Minister of Social Security Faruk ÇELİK, Minister of Justice Sadullah ERGİN, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Mehdi EKER, Minister of Customs and Trade Hayati YAZICI, Minister of Health Recep AKDAĞ Governor of Şanlıurfa Celalettin GÜVENÇ and General Manager of General Directorate of Highways M. Cahit TURHAN.
At the Abide Bridge Interchange at the intersection of the Şanlıurfa City Center-Diyarbakır road, which is one of the North-South axes by the Gaziantep-Habur (TETEK) route from the East-West axis of our country; It is aimed at the uninterrupted flow of transit traffic, which is separated from city traffic by underpass.
With the commissioning of the bridge, the stop-and-go stops of the vehicles in the city will be significantly reduced and the traffic density will be reduced with the uninterrupted transportation provided. In addition, maintenance and operating expenses of the vehicles, fuel consumption and depreciation expenses will be saved, the country will contribute to the economy and the road users more comfortable travel will be provided.
The Şanlıurfa-Viranşehir-Ceylanpınar road is located on an important route connecting Ceylanpınar from the Syrian border to the historical Silk Road (TETEK), Habur Border Gate and Mersin Port. Along with the provision of irrigated agriculture and increasing agricultural diversity in the region, the construction works on the 50 km-long Şanlıurfa-Viranşehir-Ceylanpınar road, which is on the agenda for the transportation of the agricultural products to the markets in a short time and in order to ensure a safer traffic flow, was completed in 28.11.2012 and the road service opened. 21.666.000 km of the road costing the 3 TL is divided by the road and 47 is the 1. Class is in the state road standard.

Source: KGM



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