Minibus from Samsun began to compete with bus and rail system

Samsunlu minibus started to compete with bus and rail system
Samsun OMÜ and Kurupelit line, bus, rail system and express buses to survive in front of the minibuses to the bus started to compete with the bus and rail system. Samsun OMÜ and Kurupelit Minibuses Association made radical decisions about vehicles and drivers in order to increase the quality of transportation. According to this, the drivers will be more polite towards the passengers and will be strictly adhered to the traffic rules. Criminal sanctions will be applied to the drivers who violate the rules.
Isa Güven, Vice President of Samsun OMÜ and Kurupelit Minibuses Association, stated that they have to compete in transportation with buses, light rail systems and express buses on their routes, and announced that they are implementing radical decisions to increase the quality of transportation. İsa Güven reminded that some time ago, the line routes were restricted by the decisions of the Metropolitan Municipality. Saying that after the route restriction, the Metropolitan Municipality commissioned the light rail system and new bus lines, Güven said, “We have to compete with the rail system, bus and express bus lines on the route between the University and the station. We make radical decisions regarding our vehicles and drivers to improve quality in transportation. " said.
Speaking of the radical decisions they make to improve quality in transportation, Güven said, “Every chauffeur friend has a driver identification card that introduces himself. If we detect member drivers who smoke in the vehicle, listen to loud music, do not pay attention to their beard and disguise, argue with the passenger and use dangerous vehicles, we apply a criminal sanction. It is forbidden for our member drivers to speed up and play horn within OMÜ campus. It is forbidden for our friends who have tattoos on their arms to work with short-sleeved shirts and to talk with their mobile phones while our drivers are on the go, and to enter into unnecessary and unnecessary conversations with passengers. In addition, there are indispensable parts to pay attention to vehicle cleaning. Our friends who do not follow the rules are punished by the administration or are banned from the stop. ” he spoke.
Emphasizing that they do not run the vehicles on the route from the 2009 model, OMU and the Vice President of the Kurupelit Minibuses Association, Jesus Guven highlighted that their vehicles are always well-kept. In order to increase the quality of transport, member drivers said that they have been subjected to in-service training on traffic and similar subjects.

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