Rail Systems Consultancy Firm Proposal

Rail Systems Consultancy Firm Proposal
I worked in the World Bank-funded Labor Adjustment Project implemented at the Undersecretariat of Treasury between 1994-1997. Within the scope of the project, employment and training programs were implemented for those who would be unemployed after privatization. The company running the project was the Department of Employment, Education & Training: DEET, which is affiliated with the Australian Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education, Early Childhood and Youth: Ministry for School Education in 2010). . As you can see; DEET participates in international projects under the Ministry of Education and provides income to the Australian government and its budget.
1 December 2012 On Saturday, we took the Piri Reis High Speed ​​Train test train from Ankara to the construction site in the Osmaneli district of Bilecik and saw the activities in place. way; On the train, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, TCDD especially High Speed ​​Train (YHT) the knowledge they gained from their application, performance and carry the experience into the international arena and to win projects in the world was briefed on the Establishment of Rail Systems Consultancy Company. This proposal of the General Manager; took me 18 years ago and gave me joy, hope and excitement. We have always criticized the state as a cumbersome, inefficient and damaging structure. In the last decade, this structure has started to change and / or improve with political stability and a more institutional, honest and efficient public administration approach. NBA star Kobe Bryant and Barcelona's star Lionel Messi, which sponsors even the European Basketball Championships and the number one in the world in advertising, played by millions of people around the world. Ways are examples. The first local Göktürk-18 missile launched into space in 2012 December 2, which is overshadowed by the events of METU students' clashes with the police, is an honor and pride on behalf of our country. 100.year of our Republic For 2023 year; With an approximate investment of $ 45 billion, TCDD targets 10.000 km and conventional 4.000 km lines in the YHT area and targets local signaling and electrification. YHT, which is under construction at the briefing, has 670 route between Eskişehir - Istanbul, 810 route between Ankara - Sivas, 220 route between Bursa - Bilecik and 334 route between Ankara - İzmir (Polatlı - Afyon). As an Izmir citizen, I am very glad that the 914 km Afyon - Izmir High Speed ​​Rail Line project is also ready. I received the good news that the 54 km Kemalpaşa - Turgutlu conventional (traditional) line, which is still under construction, will be completed as soon as possible.
Therefore; 70 billion $ investments are made every year to the railroads in the world and 2020 trillion $ is expected to be invested until 1. Considering that the cost of survey, project and construction consultancy corresponds to approximately 4 of the total investment amount; In case of establishment of the Company by TCDD, it is possible to get a share of 40 billion $ cake. Be 50% of the TCDD's share in the company's capital structure, also TÜLOMSAŞ of the shareholdings of the other half (Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc.) 30%, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's (the subtitle) 10% and Turksat Satellite Communication and Cable TV Operation Inc. is planned to be% 10. According to this; The distribution of the Board of Directors of 7 will be 3 (TCDD), 2 (TÜLOMSAŞ), 1 (ABBB) and 1 (TÜRKSAT) respectively. In case of successful and international brand, it will be possible to be a pioneer and an example for other public institutions as a result of providing the necessary support of the Government and establishing it in a short time in the establishment of the Rail Systems Engineering Consultancy Company which even the Organization Chart and Estimated Budget is prepared. perhaps comes the day, our National Education Ministry also (MONE), TEO (Turkey Business Association) and KOSGEB also (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development and Support Administration) I explained at the beginning of the summer taking him DEET like employment, education and training in consultancy They can establish the company.

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