National Brand in Rail Systems

National Brand in Rail Systems
Rail transport industrialists came together in Istanbul for cooperation. Representatives of all sectors in Turkey under one roof forces targeting the Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster in cooperation meeting held ARUS Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.
Rail Systems Industrialists in the Ankara metro tender held in recent months; They decided that the 51 percent domestic contribution they managed to add to the specification should be followed very closely. In the cluster meeting consisting of Ministry of Transport officials –Kosgeb-Tubitak-Manufacturers-Sub-industrialists-Quality firms-Engineering companies and Universities, it was decided to enter the next tenders with 100 percent domestic products and to create a National Brand in Rail Systems.
51 offsete strict follow
Ankara Metro Tender kazanThe cluster meeting, to which the officials of the Chinese company CSR were also invited, set the stage for many firsts. ARUS, which was established with the aim of creating a National Brand in Rail Systems and keeping the country's resources inside, aims to be a follower of existing projects during this period and to expand its offset determination. It was underlined that the introduction of a 51 percent domestic contribution requirement for the first time in the Ankara metro tender was a milestone, and it was emphasized that the practice should be followed very strictly so that this condition would not remain in words. This determination was conveyed from the highest level to the Chinese CSR company, which was invited to the meeting. In addition to the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, which is the party giving the tender, to the Chinese; It was asked who from which manufacturers and companies in this cluster he met and which agreements he made, and how he would complete the 51 percent domestic requirement.
Half of the money will stay Turkey
Yalçın Eyigün, Deputy General Director of the Ministry of Transport; CSR with the final design phase by specifying that they come in the specification of the domestic contribution requirement clearly wrote, it will be the followers stressed. While the cluster member manufacturers and subcontractors are questioning the tenderers and the sides of the tenderers with all the details, Orhan Aydın; Followers would be the process itself, he underlined that Turkey should remain in the 51 percent of the auction amount of money in proportion.
Offset is legalized
Domestic production; foreign brands and investors can be in the country reminds Assoc. Sedat Çelikdoğan stated that the real target should be national production. Çelikdoğan said that it should be the industry that competes in the world market with the removal of national brands. He underlined that 2023 targets can only be achieved in this way.
Reminding that there are EU chapters, World Trade Organization and Public Procurement Law in front of the creation of national brands, Çelikdoğan said that political will and conscious society could overcome these obstacles. Çelikdoğan: 'The EU and the WTO are able to change the conditions for their own interests, but they are an obstacle for developing countries like us. The EU has been implementing this to countries outside of its members while banning us from offset, and has changed the WTO requirements to prevent US high-tech products from entering their home country from China. ' Said. Arus Vice President Assoc. Sedat Çelikdoğan stated that the upper committees established in the time of Kemal Derviş were dependent on the independent but developed countries inside, and the practices prevented the birth of national brands. 51 offset decision is taken in this cluster cooperation, indicating that the law should be expanded by stating that this is the next target to create a national brand Çelikdogan said. According to Çelikdoğan; he argues that it is essential for all domestic actors to act with a single cluster.
We need another 40 billion car.
Turkey Rail systems industrialists who met with the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications Infrastructure Investments General Manager Metin Tahan; With the message 'We are at the command of the industrialists', the national brand encouraged its heroes. Tahan; 51 in the Ankara tender for the contribution of the domestic contribution of the first, he said, but the efforts of the cluster with the great efforts of the political authorities and the decision to take this decision, he said. Referring to the importance of the domestic contribution decision, General Manager Tahan, only Ankara Metro bid of the entourage of the 3 billion pounds reminded. Thanks to the leadership and National brand insistence on behalf of Ostim management and the cluster Tahan, 2023 10 targets, according to the 40 thousand more rail system tools that the cost of the XNUMX billion pounds will be reminded that the support of the cluster will continue to support the cooperation, he said.
Eco turn for turnkey business
ARUS president and rector of Çankaya University Ziya Burhanettin Güvenç; it emphasizes that clustering is a development model and that clusters should target the final product. Turkey Guvench by describing examples of clustering in the world; if it does not increase its domestic production by clustering, it will be doomed to disappear. Therefore, reminded that every opportunity is next to the industrialist Guvenc, an eco-system in the sectoral sense should be created and no one should be left out there. Güvenç stated that they came together with the actors of all rail systems in İstanbul and that there should be a single roof and that no one should be cooperated with the cooperation in the real sense without being out. reliance; He says that the clustering is not the pursuit of business pursuits or ideas, but the ultimate goal is domestic manufacturing and design. Speaking to the members of the cluster Güvenç points to the cluster where all the actors are together in order to get a turnkey job.
1 trillion dollar market
That Turkey should give them projects in the railway system in the state firm position from the main manufacturers of domestic products only in this way 100 percent said they could turn to the world market. Producing light rail system vehicle under the name of silkworm Durmazlar Project coordinator of the firm is recalling Taha Aydin 20 1 trillion dollars over the years on Sunday the world was reminded that significant opportunities in front of Turkey in this competition. Aydın said that both the offset decisions and the special projects of the state should pave the way for the domestic companies, and with their contributions, rail systems are also included in the State's development strategies.
Bozankaya Chairman of the Board of Directors Muarat Bozankaya in the United States and Germany in the projects with foreign brands, but they want to grow in their own countries with their own brands, stating that the technical characteristics and quality problems of foreign products. Recalling that the firm that took the Mecca subway had very serious technical problems, it was not taken to the tender for Riyadh. Domestic buses also reminded that they produce Bozankaya; whereas a foreign company received the tender of a nearby municipality bus; reminded that the Turkish brand factories, which produce completely domestic, suffer from financial problems from unemployment.
Side-industrialists who participated in the cluster studies gave information about their companies by taking one word. The industrialists who expressed their place in the domestic production analysis list to be created give us a business plan and gave us the message of lead to standardization and certification.
Producing Turkey's first domestic tram RTE200 model, Istanbul Transportation A.Ş. General Manager Ömer Yıldız; 19 million Euros collected from localization activities kazanHe stated that they provided Stating that they focus on design investments for the national brand, Yıdız emphasized that national products should be supported with local policies and the importance of acting with brand awareness in all production processes.
'1, we're going to mix the need for a dollar of copper on our own.'
Hayrettin Çaycı, General Manager of copper producer Sarkusyan; 1 billion dollars in foreign trade deficit in the copper industry, recalling that the ministry of economy gave to them the task of closing this gap. For this purpose, Sarkusyan company participated in the rail system cluster works; next year, the need for copper in the projects in the 1 billion dollars is the capacity and ability to meet all of these announced that they have.
The rail system cluster meeting, where all the actors came together, decided to make the next agenda on Standardization and Certification.

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