Fast Train Working at Minus 40 Degrees In China

Minus 40 High Speed ​​Train Launched in China
China's own production and running at minus 40 speed train, officially entered service today.
Chinese media in the news, located in the northeast of the country and the center of Heilongjiang province known for coldness Harbin city, Liaoning province of Dalian, the capital of the high-speed train line officially began to serve.
Northeast of the country and the region's first high-speed train line, the length of the 921 and 3 hours of travel time was specified.
The high-speed train CRH8B operating at minus 350 degrees, which made its first voyage trial on October 40 and whose speed was designed as 380 kilometers per hour, was stated to be able to withstand temperatures of 40 degrees, and it was also strong against harsh weather conditions such as wind, sand, rain, snow and fog. It was emphasized that it has the capacity.
The construction of the high-speed train started on 23 August 2007.

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