Railway requirement for Antalya Port

Arkas Holding Chairman Lucien Arkas said the railway was a must in order to make Antalya Port more functional, which he determined had not been used sufficiently.
"All the locals insist on the railway," Arkas said. So increase your insistence. The railroad adds value to both Antalya and the port. Demiryolu
Antalya Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (ANSIAD) 18. Arkas guests to the regular meeting, 'Logistics Industry and the Port of Antalya in Turkey' made speeches. Arkas emphasized the need for the use of sea roads in the export of fresh fruit and vegetables in Antalya. No company can say 'I find the passenger and I'll send the plane'. In the same way the ship calls the cargo, the cargo cannot bring the ship. If you have sea use. We need to connect Antalya to the world in this way. Antalya Arkas said that Gemlik Port, which they sent containers, will pass the Port of Izmir today. İzmir Russia buys fresh fruits and vegetables from Antalya. 'What are you sending with citrus?' I said, they're sending in trucks. Corn container wanted. He wants it in Russia. This week we started to install 65 container in Russia. Each 20 tone. The cost was removed, with each container transport, 2 thousand dollars cheaper than the truck, bir he said. Var The product goes healthier than the highway, of said Arkas. This is the way of success in export and opening to foreign countries. So let's work together. I want. Let's support each other. ”He said.
Pointing out that there are many places to visit in Antalya, Arkas said that the port can be used for cruise tourism as well as cruise tourism, stating that there is a need for investment, yan The investment will be made, a few will stay here and the tourists who will visit the region come on their own. Antalya
President of ANSİAD Ergin Civan also made a speech with the speaker Lucien Arkas. sohbette guests of the "globalization of the world for the logistics sector grow" by transferring it to identify, stressed the importance of ports in Turkey's future. Stating that Antalya Port is important for both tourism and trade, Civan said, "Antalya Port, which has a distinct value between Mersin and Izmir ports, needs a railroad in order to operate more profitably." he spoke.

Source: ZAMAN

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