RAILVET Project Rail Systems Seminar

📩 25/11/2018 16:01

RAILVET Project Rail Systems Seminar
The RAILVET Project X Second Rail Systems Seminar and Closing Meeting X, coordinated by our General Directorate, was held at 150 December 5 with the participation of approximately 2012 guests at the hosting of the General Directorate of State Railways.
The second railway seminar and project closing meeting within the scope of the ler Railway Operation in ECVET - RAILVET ve project prepared by our General Directorate and presented to the EU Commission during the 2010 call period and which are worth supporting are was hosted by the General Directorate of scetinDemiryolları İşletmesi (TCDD) on 05 December 2012.
In addition to the representatives of our Directorate General, TCDD, HAK-İŞ Confederation, France International Railways Association (UIC), Italian Maritime Academy (FAIMM) and ortağı San Giorgio yan Vocational High School (ITTL), Czech Republic National Education Institution. (NUV), Slovakia Vocational Education Foundation (FVETS), Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK) representative, EU Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency, various universities, vocational and technical high schools and non-governmental organizations also participated.
In project scope; Turkey, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, England, Finland, Austria and the cooperation of the countries of railway and ECVET experts such as Spain, the rail to be presented to the public at EU level systems domain "business" branch within the training program has been developed in English and Turkish and In order to increase the international mobility in this sector, ECVET vocational training was adapted to the credit transfer system.

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