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Levent Elmastas Levent Ozen
Levent Elmastas Levent Ozen

We know that people with disabilities have difficulty in accessibility in daily life. Both in-city and out-of-town transport has still not been fully adapted to people with disabilities and has remained insufficient in existing systems.

The only vehicle that is the greatest convenience for disabled people in transportation and that they use independently has been rail systems. Metro, tram and high-speed trains, which are just becoming more widespread in our country, provide great convenience in the transportation of the disabled. If the problem of accessibility to the stations is eliminated, of course (Removing Barriers with Rails)… Because the only problem is the accessibility of the stations.

Elevators, stairs and height angles on boarding still prevent disabled citizens from accessing the service. As a battery wheelchair user, I went on a small city tour with the city rail systems in order to see the obstacles by experiencing them on the spot. I chose Ankara, the capital city, as the first province. I took the road to go to Ankara, Yenimahalle, Batıkent metro station. .I fell in love with using the pedestrian road to reach the subway. I fell on the busy traffic roads of Ankara. I couldn't find a sidewalk with a disabled ramp on the roads, and I reached the Batıkent metro station by walking by the sidewalk through the traffic.
Since the station is underground, I had to take the elevator down. According to my feelings, the elevator here breaks down very often and leaves our disabled friends a victim. After two healthy young university students, waiting in front of me with their small suitcases, took the elevator down to the station, it was finally my turn. To reach the elevator cabin, I had to cross a heavy steel door. With someone's help, I opened the door and reached the elevator cabin. The elevator control panel is a bit complicated and the details seem to make it difficult for individuals to reach me… And finally, I reached the station despite the handicapped steel door and elevator assembly. All of the turnstiles here are opened from time to time, unfortunately it is impossible for wheelchair users to pass here without help in a short time… I passed through the turnstiles with the help of my friend in charge.

Since the height angle of the subway is zero to the ground and the distance between the vehicle and the ground is almost 2 or 3 cm, I got on the subway without any problems. I reached the section reserved for wheelchair users without any problems and started my journey. Elevators for the disabled are not active at every station of the subway in Ankara, and it is impossible to get out of the subway except at certain stations. I got off at Kızılay station and left here to get on Ankaray. I crossed the floor difference and the distance with the elevator without any problems and reached Ankaray station. Although the height angle and distance ratio are good in Ankaray, there is a pole in the middle of the wagon entrances, that is, the doors, and it prevents wheelchair users from getting on the wagon without any problems. Because the distance is very narrow, it is very difficult to maneuver. I get on Ankaray even if it is forced. Again, when I want to reach the section reserved for us, it is difficult to pass the seats because of the poles placed in the middle of the wagon entrances. Before I pass to the section reserved for the chair, I continue my journey by standing by the door. The absence of disabled exits at every station in Ankara was among the things that caught my attention. I finished my journey by leaving Anıttepe station without any problems.

2013 approaching today in Ankara, capital of Turkey rail transport and transport for people with disabilities and the lack of these services in other provinces such issue is filled with such negativity came to me as it is not even sincere ...

What needs to be done is pretty clear with my experience, and it's in the middle … The disabled elevators at every metro station should work smoothly, there should be disabled exits at every station of Ankaray, those poles in Ankaray's wagons, which I still think technically do, should be removed, and most importantly, to Ankara Metro and Ankaray. In order to reach disabled ramp buses, at least one of each must be placed on the main routes… I can't help but add one thing, which is of course the absence of WCs for the disabled in Ankara Metro and Ankaray. If we assume that they have the right to purchase transportation services;

Just as YHT came, I was glad that the ban on leaving the city will be lifted, and I hope that the authorities will make their new projects more accessible (Removing Barriers with Rails), reminding them that it will be a great disappointment for them to introduce new obstacles into their lives.
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