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Railroad Bridge Road to Villages
7 villages in Gökdere town of Elazig's Palu district reach the district with the bridge built for the train. From time to time, the villagers, who faced great danger by encountering the train on the bridge, wanted their roads to be built.
The dangerous life struggles of Gökdere town, which is about 50 km away from ELAZIĞ - Palu district, bring hearts to mind. When the people of the village want to reach the district, they can reach it by avoiding all kinds of dangers.
We use the Train Bridge as a Vehicle Road
Gökdere village headman stated that the villagers who had to cross the railway bridge came face to face with death; “We have been victimized here time and again, we faced the train many times and risked death. We reported the trouble of this place by sending a letter to the Prime Minister.
While speaking to the Prime Minister, 1800 km of road is being made to the Trabzon-Rize region in a month, I wonder if our 13km road is seen too much! I hope they hear us, take our problems into consideration. We use the railway bridge as a vehicle road. We hope that our voices will be heard as the people of the village, and a solution to this will be heard, if anyone who lost their lives on this bridge, who was crushed under the train, who will be accountable.
As a Highway but Never Paved
The people of the village, who survive great dangers on the cliffs to reach their villages, push their vehicles stuck in the mud on the road. The officers who go to open the road to traffic open the one-lane road, but it is impossible for the vehicle to maneuver or for two vehicles to pass side by side. When two vehicles meet, one of the vehicles has to go backwards and find a place where two vehicles can pass until they find a wide space. Gemtepe village, which suffers from these problems until Büyükçaltı village, has to walk 6 km from here. The road known by taking asphalt ends here and the village road cannot be continued by vehicle. The road here in Ankara looks like asphalt, but it has never been asphalt. We cannot use the so-called asphalt road now.
Stating that there has been no electricity and no drinking water in the village for three days, village residents said, “We are trying to bring water to our homes with our own efforts. Our children cannot go to school, we haven't been able to send them to school for a week. We cannot send our children to school after the 4th grade. No shuttle vehicles are provided to the village. They say send the children to school, but there is no road, we do not have the power to keep vehicles, ”he said.

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