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You can follow any rail system news in national and international platforms in English  Raillynews Our site with the changing image of your face. Only 6 months Raillynews  It continues its broadcasting life with its enriched content about railways and rolling stock, special news, maps and videos. In this short time, we are ahead of many news sites with our special news followed by the whole world.
Özen Publication Group part of Raillynews , RayHaber announces national news to the world press by working integrated with. On our website where you can find the news in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia in a categorized way, it is possible to reach the supplier companies in rail systems.
in Turkey until 2023, the introduction of high-speed trains in 29 cities, laying roads and 10.000 kilometers of lines is planned investment of 45 billion dollars. In this respect, Turkey is a big market in rail systems. You can also find the development and procurement in Turkey  Raillynews Also shares the International Tenders for Turkish followers.
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