Measures Taken Against Fuel Smuggling

Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici, stating that the whole plant will be sealed instead of the pump involved in smuggling in the draft law prepared to prevent fuel smuggling, said: Bakanı I believe that the draft law will come to the end with the enactment of the draft law. With this draft, an important step will be taken towards tighter supervision of the sector, improvement of the competition environment and protection of the environment and human health. Bu
Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici prepared a press conference at TOBB Social Facilities and explained the measures taken for smuggling. 2012 / 19 Prime Minister Circular with the establishment of important arrangements in the fight against fuel smuggling Minister Hayati Yazici, "In our country free circulation of fuel, starting from the point of entry to the consumer starting an online system will be established to follow," he said.
Pointing out that this system can be tracked instantaneously on the products of the province, Minister Yazıcı explained the other measures as follows:
Lard In order to prevent firms from supplying non-fuel petroleum products more than the quantities specified in their capacity reports, a 'Conformance Letter' application will be launched. As the Ministry of Customs and Trade, we will establish a database of information on the fight against fuel smuggling. This database will also be available to other combat units. Under the coordination of our Ministry to conduct joint control and audits; The General Directorate of Customs Enforcement, General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command, Coast Guard Command and Revenue Administration personnel will be followed up with special teams which will be formed with the participation of other staff members.
Minister Hayati Yazıcı also gave information about Kanunu Draft Law Amending the Customs Law and Certain Laws İle prepared with the cooperation of all ministries and institutions involved in the fight against fuel smuggling. The goals of the draft project discussed by Minister Yazıcı are as follows:
Ile - Elimination of two separate penalties
- Renewal of doors that do not comply with physical conditions with Build-Operate-Transfer Model,
- Accelerating the liquidation process of illegal goods or abandoned goods
- Preventing the complexity of the authority in relation to the acts of smuggling, the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the intervening administration and facilitating the follow-up of the cases, taking effective results
- Increasing deterrence for smuggling activities
- More comprehensive regulation of the oil market
- Total and effective fight against fuel smuggling. -
In the draft law, the scope of the definition of fuel is being expanded. The definition is corrected as: ley It will not exclude any product that is used as fuel and it has been extended to prevent potential misuse in the future Tanım. While the way of granting licenses to real or legal persons who have a finalized conviction due to smuggling acts is completely closed, the possibility of a person operating in the sector and committing the smuggling action is again eliminated. Minister Yazıcı summarizes this situation as follows:
”In this context, in the event that the licensee is a legal entity, we have prevented the licensing of those who have more than 10 shares in the said legal entity as of the date of the crime, and those who have been dismissed and who are still authorized to represent and sign on to the chairman and members of the board of directors.“
In the draft regulations, the obligations of the licensees are also rearranged. In order to prevent fuel smuggling, the, Obligations of the Licensees s shall mean a fixed or mobile tank that is contrary to the architectural, installation and similar projects in the construction permits and annexes, so as to obtain, sell or sell any illegal fuel or counterfeit marker. , not to keep equipment or equipment amak was also added.
One of the issues that draws attention among the regulations is that the fines will be increased if the acts of smuggling are carried out using fixed or mobile tanks, devices or equipment. In addition, the distributor license holders were obliged to set up and implement an inspection system including the technological methods to prevent the sale of smuggled fuel.
The most important issue in the draft is the sealing of the whole plant instead of the pump in a facility involved in fuel smuggling. In the current arrangement, only the fuel pump or gun that is sold is sealed in the facilities where it is determined that illegal fuel is sold. As such, the license holders involved in smuggling can continue their commercial activities in the unsealed parts of the same facility until the investigation or court decision is finalized. This situation is a major obstacle in the fight against fuel smuggling.
In order to eliminate this situation, it is foreseen that all activities subject to the license will be temporarily suspended by EMRA until the finalization of the court decision and all such facilities will be exposed to the public. Minister Hayati Yazıcı summarized the draft law at the end of his speech with the following words:
. I believe that fuel law will come to an end with the enactment of the draft law. With this draft, an important step will be taken towards tighter supervision of the sector, improvement of the competitive environment and protection of the environment and human health. Bu

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