The beach was plundered due to the work of the High Speed ​​Train

The beach was plundered due to the work of the High Speed ​​Train
High Speed ​​Train (YHT) route to the material quarry about the discussions, reactions, while the contractor firm continues to work at full speed in the line. The main point of the transition of Izmit, the biggest demolition of the Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Beach, High-Speed ​​Train has been plundered due to the work, the young trees on the route of the crack is broken.
They don't listen to anyone.
The contractor firm is not at all sensitive about the nature and the protection of the environment during his / her working period and looks at his / her own business. The pier and cypress trees, which grow and spread over the years, are cut off because they are on the YHT route. Residents of the site, "At least remove the young trees, move elsewhere," written and oral calls did not answer the call. Yesterday afternoon, construction machinery had already broken the first part of the trees and had an impact on the ground.
Residents of the region who have already suffered for a long time due to the work of YHT construction are experiencing great sorrow as they see the damages to the environment. Citizens who have planted themselves and have reacted to such rugged destruction of trees they have been protecting and protecting over the years, said, ti How long will this massacre last? Is it so hard to save these trees and move them to other places? Bu

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