Perpa Metrobus Station Opened

Perpa Metrobus Station Opened
Perpa Metrobus Station, which was closed for the overpass construction
After the completion of the construction of the temporary overpass at the Darülaceze (Perpa) stop, the stall was re-activated.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, D-100 Highway Perpa on the grounds that there was a narrowing around the 2 week before the Talatpasa Bridge and metrobus stop where the temporary pedestrian overpass implemented the project.
In this context, the foot of the Dereyolu (Talatpaşa) Bridge, which provides pedestrian and vehicle access between Kağıthane-Talatpaşa District and Şişli-Kaptanpaşa District, was constructed for the construction of a temporary pedestrian overpass until the bridge was demolished and demolished until it was rebuilt. He had begun.
With the completion of the temporary pedestrian overpass, the metrobus began to stop again at Darülacize (Perpa Metrobus Station).

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