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Students Destroyed the City Overpass
In KONYA, the overpass in the busiest street of the city, which also includes the tramway, was destroyed because it was old.
Students who want to go to the school across the road to the danger of passing over the tram to pass the road began to pass.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality demolished the overpass in the central Selçuklu District Nalçacı Street last June because it completed its life. After the overpass collapses, especially students who want to go to the school opposite the double-lane road pass over or under the wires on the tramway that cross the street and overcome the fast-flowing vehicle traffic. Those who do not want to walk the 1.5 kilometer road because there are no pedestrian crossings, prefer to jump over the wires by climbing up the poles despite thousands of volts of electricity and 'Signs of Death'.
Aynur Çetiner, who was holding her 7-year-old daughter, who was passing through the traffic flowing by her hand, to the opposite side under the wires on the tramway, and said farewell to her school. They extended the job to be a tender. We have been torturing here for months. We are trying to carefully take our children through the tramway. This is dangerous, but we watch the tram and upload it when it doesn't arrive. My daughter was using the overpass here before. He could then go to school on his own. This was very comfortable and convenient for us. The school is just across the road, but it is difficult for us to go by walking, since it takes 1.5-2 kilometers. ”
Konya Metropolitan Municipality officials also stated that the overpass was demolished because it had completed its lifetime. 2 months later, pedestrian overpasses will be completed and assembled. ”

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