Metrobus Road Application Will Begin From Gölbaşı

Metrobus Road Application Will Begin From Gölbaşı
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO will start the 10 on December Monday between the metrobuses that will reduce the time in long distances and the pilot application of the proprietary metrobus system.
According to the written statement made by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the people of Gölbaşı will be transported from the neighborhoods to the metrobus from the neighborhoods on December 10, then the metrobus will be transported to AŞTİ via the express service on the special lane road (Metrobus Road), and then will arrive in Ankara in a short time.
The citizen who will use this system with the newly printed metrobus card will not pay for the second and third transfers after the first ride in 75 minutes.
In the new application, passengers who will move from the central neighborhoods, including TOKİ Örencik Houses, to the movement area by ring buses, will reach AŞTİ on the Mevlana Boulevard (Konya Road) by metrobus.
Citizens who want to go to the city center from AŞTİ will be able to reach Kızılay and Ulus in a short time using Ankaray.
Within the framework of this service, only a new card with a Metrobus card will be printed for use in Gölbaşı lines.
This special lane will never be used by other vehicles other than the street and street separation points that cross Konya Road.

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