Metrobus tail harassed Istanbulites

Metrobus tail harassed Istanbulites
With the snow, transportation was trapped in the metrobus, a large crowd was formed. From the Gayrettepe metro to the Zincirlikuyu metrobus, the overpass occurred in the overpass.
While transportation in many districts was locked due to snow, thousands of people who wanted to go to the metrobus formed a huge line of Metrobus.
Citizens who left their services and personal cars headed to the metrobus, but due to the excessive accumulation of this image appeared.
It is learned that the road is open although there is a density in the Europe - Anatolia line, but metrobus, which could not exceed the ramps on the route from Anatolia to Europe, had a problem and thousands of people were waiting in the queue.
From the Gayrettepe subway to the Zincirlikuyu metrobus station, an overpass occurred in the upper passage.
Many people prefer the subway because the roads almost stop, and there is a lot of intensity.
It was noted that the density experienced in the metrobus stops was experienced at many points on the route.
Metrobus services were disrupted due to snowfall. Many people had to wait at the stops due to the long metrobus buses passing by. Passengers waiting at the bus stop in Zincirlikuyu quarreled with security guards when they could not get on the metrobus.
A citizen in the Metrobus said, “When are we going to use the Metrobus today? Metrobus needs to be like that day, "while other citizens said they had been waiting at the metrobus stop for hours and the authorities remained silent. A young girl who met her brother on the phone at Zinzirlikuyu metrobus stop was seen crying for a while because she could not get on the metrobus.
Metrobus expeditions due to snowfall infuriated citizens citizens. Citizens waiting hours at the stop at the metrobüse, metrobus, walked the path.
Effective snowfall in Istanbul disrupted metrobus services. Citizens waiting at the stops for a long time could not get on the vehicles due to the full arrival of the metrobus. When the citizens who were cold due to the cold could not get on the metrobus, they preferred to walk on the metrobus route. Many people walked on the metrobus route.
In the high parts of Istanbul, the snow thickness reached 15 centimeters.
The snowfall, which has brought Istanbul under its regional influence, has turned into a type of place and became effective in the regions of Beylikdüzü and Sarıyer-Hacıosman, Beykoz and Zekeriyaköy. According to meteorological data, snowfall started with sudden weather change in Istanbul, where wet snow is expected. According to the statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, occupation of the safety lanes prevented the transportation of salting vehicles.
It was stated that the criticisms of “no timely intervention” in various media outlets did not reflect the truth. Traffic routine overtime traffic is seen on the ring roads and bridges in the evening. One of the biggest factors of traffic jams was that drivers did not use winter tires. 344 damaged traffic accidents occurred in Istanbul from morning to evening. Snow thickness in Beykoz and Sarıyer regions reached 15 centimeters. The wind went up to 80 kilometers per hour.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 908 vehicle and construction equipment, 2 bin 266 personnel are fighting with snowy weather conditions. Due to the sudden weather conditions, a thousand people are being reinforced to work on snow curing. 254 thousand 7 tons of salt in tanks, thousand 800 tons of solution ready to wait.

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