Metrobus malfunctioned Thousands of people had to walk

Metrobus malfunctioned Thousands of people had to walk
Metrobus on the route of İncirli - Avcılar Failed Thousands of people had to walk.
Metrobus on the İncirli - Avcılar road broke down at 18:30 at the İncirli stop. Metrobus broke down, aid vehicle arrived in about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, citizens started to wait in the metrobus.
After about ten hours of waiting for the citizens of BRT BRN, the pedestrian path continued.
Ayşe Kıdık, who tried to go to the pedestrian home on the metrobus road, said that she had been waiting for 20 minutes and complained about the lack of information about the situation. Kıdık said, “I've been waiting here for about 20 minutes. No announcement was made. At least if they give information about why we are waiting here. Why don't they make an announcement? If they gave us information, we would look at different ways to go home. It's really an amazing situation. " He spoke in the form.
Ahmet Cebil, who is walking to his house on the Metrobus road, said, “I don't know why there are so many queues. We have been on the metrobus route for about 1 hour. I do not think that the failure of only one metrobus will cause such density. I think something else might have happened. ” said.
On the other hand, security officials who intervened in reporters trying to do their job at İncirli stop drew the public's reaction. There was a brief brawl at the scene. As a result of the incident, journalists try to get away from the malfunctioning metrobus

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