Translating maşukiyen into stone quarry continues unabated

Translating maşukiyen into stone quarry continues unabated
The repercussions of the attempt to turn Masukii into a quarry for the materials required in the construction of the part of the new railway built for the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) that passes through our province continue without slowing down.
In fact, it will be written about, there is not much to say. However, the wrong and irreparable error to be made as a city; we have to continue our efforts to prevent betrayal.
The essence of the event: YHT for the new railway line of 62 kilometers will pass our province. The Prime Minister is very interested in this project. 29 wants 2013 to run High Speed ​​Train between Istanbul and Ankara on the 90 anniversary of the foundation of the Republic.
Prime Minister, Lightning, the Minister of Transport is pushing. Minister Yıldırım, "the railway construction is finished in the shortest time, and the state at the least cost," he wriggles.
According to my information, no matter what happens, it is very difficult for this railway to reach 29 October 2013. If too much is rushed, God forbid there may be great disasters.
12 kilometers on the route of our Sapanca 3 can not finish the year in the Ministry of Transport, if you have to finish the YHT path 6-8 months later.
Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu looks at the event with a very straight logic. “I proved my environmentalism. Every year I plan to plant 1 million trees in this city. Let's cut down the 50-100 tree in Mashukiye. After the work is done, I'll put the trees there again. İş
He thinks wrong. Once the natural structure of that region is broken; if there are construction machinery and break the stones, it is not possible to bring the nature of the region back to the same shape.
President Karaosmanoğlu is a sohbet He told me himself during. Veysel Eroğlu, Minister of Environment and Forestry, was also concerned about this issue. Minister Eroğlu personally called President Karaosmanoğlu, “Aman İbrahim. That region is a very special area. "Please take care of the fact that nature is not destroyed." The region is already within the Sapanca Lake basin. Legally, it is wrong to set up a quarry there.
There is no such thing as turning the Maşukiy into a quarry, providing a rent to somebody, or making favors to a YHT contractor. While the state contracts with the YHT contractor, “I will find the material required for this job from the closest place to the construction. As long as you finish the job early "has made an agreement. If the materials required for the railway construction come from farther and cost more, the contractor will actually put a 10 percent profit on this cost, and will receive more money from the state. In other words, the government, not the contractor, will benefit from the savings to be obtained by removing the stone material required for the YHT road from the place closest to the construction site.
First of all, to be finished as soon as possible. The Prime Minister is pushing about it. When the Prime Minister quashed, the Minister of Transport Yıldırım is shaken. Authorities of our province, leave the Prime Minister to convince, even the Minister of Transport can not say the words of Lightning.
However, this incident will cause serious trouble for the AKP in our city. Local elections are approaching. They will not be able to easily pay the political price if they enter the area to turn the Maşukii into a quarry, break stones, cut down the trees and pollute the Yanık Creek.
Mayor Karaosmanoğlu supports the establishment of a stone quarry in Maşukiye. Provincial Chairman Civelek, the deputies of İlyas Şeker is also. These are, karşısında Our neck is thinner than the Prime Minister and Minister of Transport. Let maşukiyen into the quarry, let the whole city be sacrificed in in the air.
Sibel Gönül is undoubtedly the youngest, most decent politician among the senior names of the AKP in our city. Since Sibel Hanım knows the region and the people of the region very well, she can see very well how turning the Masukii into a quarry will bring harm.
Obviously, the Mayor of Kartepe is also uncomfortable. Even Fikri Isik, M.Ali Okur, open açık O stone quarry there. They do not say that the interests of the state require this Devlet.
If that area is wasted, everyone will be taking photos of the area that has lost its tourism potential, whose trees are dirty, water is dirty, roads are riddled, before the elections in March of 2014. There will be many materials in the elections. The AKP, very likely, will lose the election at Kartepe just because of this. For the time being, they underestimate this issue, but this job may cause the AKP to suffer in the Metropolitan elections in our province, and may cause problems.
There is only one way: to convince the Prime Minister. I, Mr. Prime Minister, un The only important issue is to finish the YHT road as soon as possible. Let Maşukiye be sacrificed ğ I don't think he will say. If we invite the Prime Minister to visit the region, where the quarry is to be established, the problem is solved. Program is intense, may not come. Let's show the photos. In the hands of our newspaper, the quarry is desirable, and each of the region has pictures that are as beautiful as the table. If the Prime Minister sees those photos, he will see those trees, the Yanık Creek, I'm sure, Don't touch here. Buraya
I do not think that Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim will be so sensitive and sensitive. But if the Prime Minister sees the region, he cannot. The question is: Which young man from our province will find an opportunity and show the pictures of the amazing beauty of that region that he wants to build a quarry for YHT?
I don't think there's a second person to dare. I don't trust the Governor at all. The Metropolitan President has convinced himself. Minister Nihat Ergun, never enters these issues, keeps himself out of the incident.
Ms. Sibel is the only hope of Maşukiye. He could be a little braver. Since he had not signed this project, he could meet with Öztürk, who had to resign from his post as the Provincial Director of Agriculture. Why the former manager did not sign, why the conscience whined, can learn. He can put a file in front of the Prime Minister with photographs that reveal the perfect natural picture. Mr. Prime Minister, X OK, YHT 2 end the month late. State the 5-10 million TL more money. Don't touch here. Buraya
If none of the AKP's have the courage to do so, they should make an appointment for the local press in Kocaeli, for Mr. Başakan, 10 for us. Let's go, Mr. Prime Minister. There's a way to stop this, to stop this brutal murder for this city. If they don't find the way, Maşukiye will end. But I warn you again. The AKP will get as much damage as the Burn Creek.

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