Liberalization in Railways and Their Effects on the Global Economy!

News about Privatization - Liberation on Railways is written, drawn, drawn, and many comments are made almost everyday and everywhere, but I think nobody is exposed to anything concrete.
When it is seen that the two-sided criticisms are justified, it is clear that there are not any clear and point determinations. Giving examples, it is desired to gain political meanings by deliberately withdrawing the known facts with criticism that are not beyond the midwifery.
Even with the criticism in favor of the Law, even without seeing the items of the draft ne Yilmaz Savunucu, luka can praise the praise, the examples in the world did not examine the details, even the people who have not seen even in the cut, such as Expertise, even the privatization does not know what, even with the words Those who put their heads in vicious circles, who are confused by the ones who do not have sufficient knowledge, must know that the countries that have been very successful years ago and have been very successful have done everything that requires dedication and prudence in the sense of common sense and the interests of the country. However, thanks to perseverance of steps and practices, the economy achieved GLOBAL (meaning is explained below) by achieving positive results. One of the basic principles of modernization is: jik is the rapid spread of developments j
Deregulation ( "Or Customization") the steps on 14.05.2012 of excreted Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry, "RESTRUCTURING OF TURKEY'S RAIL TRANSPORTATION" about the draft law all trade unions and to share their opinions with the goal of ensuring reconciliation submitting to civil society organizations when you examine the istenmiştir.taslag of course, incomplete and or wrong you will see that these arrangements should be made by consensus, but it is very meaningless and deliberate to be fully opposed.
I hope that the country's interests are considered, economic returns are abundant, citizens will increase the Welfare levels of a law is enacted, in the coming years SOMUT RESULTS will be obtained.
It expresses the rapid increase and liberalization of goods, services, international capital flows and technological development among countries and the resulting economic development. it represents economic development through economic processes such as commodity transactions, diversity, value increases, services, international capital flows, the rapid and widespread rise of technology, and the increasingly liberalization of these counties among countries (IMF World Economic Outlook 1997).

Source: Yusuf SÜNBÜL

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