Tram collided with passenger bus in Konya

📩 03/12/2012 09:51

One person was injured as a result of a collision between the passenger bus and the tram in Konya. The accident occurred at around 1:23.00 at the central Selçuklu district Yeni Istanbul Road Türmak Junction.
The passenger bus, which made the Gaziantep-Konya route, allegedly caused a red light violation, and hit the tram on the campus-Zafer expedition.
20 peace peacemaker XNUMX sitting on the tram in the accident, injured in the face of the broken glass broken glass.
Karamızrak was taken to Numune Hospital with an ambulance called to the scene and received treatment.
Many passengers on the tram and passenger bus after the accident did not get over the shock of the event for a long time.
Police launched an investigation into the accident.

Source: TRTHaber

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