CHP Provincial Chairman Yalçın Kuşkan, We are not against the high speed train

CHP Provincial Chairman Yalçın Kuşkan, We are not against the high speed train
CHP Provincial Chairman Yalcin Kuskan, the AKP distorted the issue, not to the high-speed train, the train for the removal of stone from Mashoukiye said.
The CHP Provincial Administration, which decided to hold its weekly meetings in one district in 15 days, held its third extended meeting in Körfez district. Providing information to the press about the agenda before the meeting Provincial Chairman Yalçın Kuşkan, touching on the importance of their meetings in the districts, said that they saw the shortcomings in the districts towards the local elections.
The meeting took place in Maşukiye stone quarry Kuşkan, AKP Provincial Chairman Mahmut Civelek'ın 'CHP against the high-speed train' he replied. Kuşkan said, taş We have reservations about the location of our quarry. In the AKP, deputies Sibel Gönül and the Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Fahim Kılıç have had their attitude towards the establishment of a quarry. We're not against the high-speed train. High-speed train is a national project but not a national project. A project awarded by contractor in the private sector. It doesn't concern us that 200 costs more than a thousand euros when he brings his firm from Hereke and Geyve. But the AKP is distorting the issue, Ama he said.
Kuşkan said that he wanted to think the language of the Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who recently drew attention with the sentence düşün Fresh Water Swamp inan at the parliament meeting, and said Belediye We want to believe that he uses this word not on purpose but knowing that his language is driving. We also saw how eco-friendly it was by not opposing the quarry. There are 13 municipalities in Kocaeli, including Metropolitan, and there are 7 deputies and ministers, but they still do not have development plans in our province. They are slaughtering the city on the basis of parcel plans. We are against changes in education, health and safety, that is, in public interest. We will be followers of Maşukiye and we will oppose the quarry until the end, M he said.

In his speech, Kuşkan also mentioned the railway line planned to be built on Bayraktar Plain and said that the city governors did not give anything other than harm to Kocaeli. Kuşkan said, ızı We say that we are not against industry as a party that has made the industrial revolution and became a pioneer. But it doesn't make sense to cross the railroad from a place that has yielded three times a year like Bayraktar. They said that Posco would only cut iron, but when it was set up, it would process different parts. In addition, even if we think there is no harm to the environment, traffic intensity will be experienced. Kocaeli cannot bear the burden of trucks and trucks. There are also transport companies. Impact on the last fertile plain of Kocaeli. Unfortunately, the city rulers did not give anything other than harm alesef.

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