Diamond Group has been seeking for the Kemalpaşa logistics village

Diamond Group has been seeking for the Kemalpaşa logistics village
Cemal Elmasoğlu, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said they would like to operate a giant facility to be established in the district.
Cemal Elmasoğlu, Chairman of Elmas Group Logistics, which established a logistics center in Kemalpaşa Akalan with an investment of 3.5 million Euros, said, "We want to operate the giant logistics village of Kemalpaşa, which the Ministry of Transport continues to build in Kemalpaşa." Elmasoğlu announced that they will continue to invest in providing integrated logistics services and expanding the new logistics center.
Cost advantage
The Chairman of Elmas Group Logistics, Cemal Elmasoğlu, together with the members of Elmas Group Logistics Board of Directors Nasip Elmasoğlu, Betül Elmasoğlu and Akın Kastaş, showed the logistics center named after Necdet Elmasoğlu, the founder of their company, to the press. Elmasoğlu said that they provide the best service by applying bonded and free warehouse management systems in the logistics center of 73 thousand square meters. Stating that the two logistics centers in Kemalpaşa have reached a total size of 125 thousand square meters, Elmasoğlu stated that they provide additional employment for 25 people in the new center and they are a family of 600 people. Elmasoğlu said, “There is no company other than us that complies with international standards. Necdet Elmasoğlu Logistics Center serves all the products produced by our industrialists, manufacturers and exporters, the domestic market and exporters and importers. Firms store the products they will export to the domestic market and export. It can do its shipments and handling here. It benefits from bonded warehouse service for imported products to the domestic market. Completed products are kept in free warehouse for distribution. We provide companies with a cost advantage, ”he said.
Business recommendation
Stating that they have bought a new land in Kemalpaşa, Elmasoğlu said that they will start the investment if the Kemalpaşa Municipality gives permission and said, “Next to us is the İzmir-İstanbul highway and the Turgutlu-Kemalpaşa train line. Logistics is not just by road. The railway will also come to the logistics center. We will also be integrated into the Western Anatolia Logistics Project ”. Elmasoğlu, who also thanked Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who announced that he will make Kemalpaşa logistics village and Kemalpaşa freight warehouse, and announced that they are interested in the 2 million square meter logistics village that the ministry will establish in Kemalpaşa. Elmasoğlu said, “Competition is good. The logistics village here will be a rival to us. By railway, the cargoes at Çandarlı Port will arrive in Kemalpaşa. We seek the operation of Kemalpaşa logistics village. This project will take us to different horizons ”.
Green storage
Stating that the logistics center fulfills all the requirements of international standards, Elmasoğlu stated that they started the environment-friendly green storage application in an area of ​​6 square meters, received a flammable warehouse permit in an area of ​​500 square meters, and established a special storage system for fire-sensitive products. Explaining that his father Necdet Elmasoğlu reached an important point in the logistics adventure that he founded in 500, Elmasoğlu said, "We are breaking new grounds.
"We will continue our way alone"
Stating that they will continue by investing on their roads and growing independently, Cemal Elmasoğlu stated that especially the Arab capital showed great interest in the logistics sector. Elmasoğlu said, “The purchase proposal came to us in this direction recently. However, my response was 'I'll buy you, not me' ”he said.

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