Karabük wagon fire

Wagon fire in Karabük
During the dismantling work, a fire broke out in 3 wagons belonging to TCDD, which were scrapped.
Karabük, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) of 3 cars scrapped, burned in a fire during demolition work.
A fire broke out in one of the wagons that were dismantled at the Karabük Train Station Warehouse Directorate. The fire, which started from the section where the wooden sections were located (Karabükte wagon fire), grew in a short time and spread to the two wagons next door.
The wagon fire in Karabük was extinguished in a short time with the intervention of 2 fire trucks belonging to the Karabük Municipality Fire Department.
The fire may have been removed from the welding machine during the operation.

Source : I www.gercekgundem.co



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