Black Train Not YHT Future

📩 25/11/2018 16:15

Easier said than 50 years, Turkey is waiting patiently to be unity in front of the EU's door.
The waiting patience stone would have cracked so far.
Bursalılar 58 year for years with the longing of the railway is burning.
Allah's Bursali's patience is breaking before it breaks.
We have listened to the memories of our grandfathers.
After that, we will have the task of telling the next generations about the conditions of the train to Bursa.
Then the young people said, yıl Our elders left the end of the train once and then yearned for the full 58 year.
Now you'll hold tightly so that the train doesn't go anywhere, or we expect to see YHT coming to Bursa for another hundred years. Şimdi
For half a century, it was easy for the Bursalılar to see the railroad when it went to the amusement park, or when it went out of Bursa.
In the end, I wish we had dreamed that if there was a train in Bursa, we were sighing.
Then the train will come from our train ”nice income, leylim ley gecik and“ black train is late, maybe never come,.
Bursali no longer av train av songs will not hunt, the reality of traveling.
Very soon…
Bursa will host the historical groundbreaking ceremony of YHT, which has been waiting for years ...
The ceremony will be a stage for ministers and deputies.
Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik and Minister of Transport and Communications Binali Yıldırım will attend the ceremony.
The three ministers will press the common button and the foundation of YHT will be laid.
The people of Bursali will witness the historical ceremony at Balat in 13.00 today.
With the commencement of the YHT voyages, the journey time between Bursa and Ankara will be reduced to 2 hours.
High-speed train connection time with Bursa, Turkey will be the gateway to another world.
Journey between Istanbul and Bursa with YHT will be completed in 2 hours.
The project is expected to end in 2015.
Who are the first passengers of YHT?
The date of the first expedition in YHT is probably before the 11 June 2015.
You ask why?
The general elections will be held before that date.
So, who are the first passengers?
New MPs from Bursa to Ankara in 2015 ...
Those who have left their deputy from Ankara to Bursa date to history as the first passengers of YHT.

Source: Olay Newspaper

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