Izmir: Izban bicycle ban protested

Izban bicycle ban was protested
Street Orchestra and Self-Knowing A Group of Cycling, organized jointly with the event, Izban A.Ş. and İzmir Metro A.Ş. protest against the ban on cycling. Bicycle lovers in Izmir, the song they wrote and creative actions attracted the attention of the passengers.
Cycling lovers from Izmir, who warned the authorities who refused to let even a bicycle wheel into the Izmir light rail system with their actions on December 1, stated that they had difficulty in understanding this hostile attitude towards this transportation vehicle, which has numerous contributions to urban life, urban traffic and the atmosphere of the city. they did.
The protest of the folk song bike ban started in Konak Square, continued with applause of the citizens at Konak metro station.
The funny discussions between the citizens and the authorities who did not want to be a spectator to this situation drowned the audience with laughter. The next stop of the action with songs was Halkapınar transfer station. Here, too, the number of bike lovers from İzmir who came across with the support of citizens started to increase gradually with the participation of citizens.
Halkapınar Karşıyaka The protest, which continued in the wagon, turned into tension as authorities stopped the train for 15 minutes.
Journey through the discussion of the issue in the wagon as the train starts to move, Karşıyaka The song ended with ballad as it started in front of the station.

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  1. Admittedly, both urban and suburbs with rail / suburban trains, public transportation, as well as modern public transport philosophy, it is hardly new for our country to offer this service to this size by having it. Therefore, in such difficulties, it should be accepted as initial infantile diseases. There is no need to rediscover the wheel in such a way that a change in mentality and service disruptions are eliminated; just look at the examples of advanced countries that have been doing this for almost a century. In particular, the development of environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious transportation solutions has become a current state of affairs, focusing on the aftermath of the 1973 oil crisis. In the advanced countries, the main, that is, the intensity is maximum (ruschauer) hours outside, the bicycle can carry with the driver without extra charge and an environmentally-friendly and desirable and induvidual means of transportation. In the main hours (around 3-5 hours per day), it is not possible to buy a bicycle because there is not enough room for passengers (4-6 passenger per square meter).
    We hope that our operators will take up their oblique heads slightly from the edge of the bowl, facing the horizon and taking the logical, reasonable solution example! As we said; . No need to find the wheel again ”, there are enough examples of solutions.