Ankara Metrobus Line Criticism from Isa Hayılı

Ankara Metrobus line criticism from Isa Hayli
CHP Çankaya and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Isa Hayifli criticized the Ankara Metrobus line, which was recently put into service, in a written press release.
Good, in the description of the Metropolitan Municipality has put into service with a decision of the new metrobus (long bellows bus) is the main arteries boulevards bus as a special way to paint the most right strip yellow color and converted into a allocated way. The long bellows buses (motrobus) belonging to EGO have been put into service between Gölbaşı-Aşti as a pilot application since 10 December 2012 date.
Golbasi is one of the new and densely developed metropolitan districts of Ankara. The Toki-Örencik campus (7500 housing), which has been built in recent years, has become a place of intense construction in the region. Ankara, the province of Ankara with a single-lake view as a reason for the excursion of the purpose of being a reason for the recreation of this district of Ankara, the most active part of the human circulation in the city center and the center of the city has provided the most intensive passenger circulation. ? He spoke.
Jesus Christ said:
The demand for access to the city center from the district center is always on the agenda as a problem
1- The demand for increasing the number and number of public transportation vehicles working on TOKİ-GÖLBAŞI?
2- The new application has increased the loss of time by extending the travel time by collecting all passengers in the district center at the Gölbaşı exit storage center (campus stop) as a passenger storage area for metrobuses running on the Ankara Metrobus line and on the bus special road (on the dedicated road).
3- Metrobuses are not ready in storage area, waiting for the return from the station causes accumulation in the stations and loss of time, and it leads to the first trip stop from Gölbaşı storage area to Aşti.
4- Ankara University, Gazi University and other private university students, all of whom have to go to Gölbaşı direction from the city center, have to go all the way from Ankara to Aşti and go from Aşti to Aşti. Mevlana boulevard, which is the main arterial road of our capital, stopping traffic to Aşti stations in both directions, causes traffic wasting on Mevlana boulevard adversely affecting traffic flow.
5 - This transportation system implemented without planning is for the passengers to travel longer than before, due to the transfer, in the morning by making the most efficient time zones in the morning, the most tired time periods in the event of spending on the road molds and torture is transformed.
6- AnkaRay light rail system, which is already running between Dikimevi-Aşti and AnkaRay, is inadequate; AnkaRay's Chinese transport has turned into ÇİLE-RAY and has made it necessary for almost every station to require passengers to obstruct passengers.
1) It is wrong to store passengers at Gölbaşı Campus stop by collecting passengers in Gölbaşı center, causing loss of time, increase in intensity and chaos.
Golbasi ?? Toki campus is the area with the busiest settlement and passenger concentration in the district. The buses of the Ankara Metrobus line must start from Toki and reach Aşti by taking the special bus route on Mevlana Boulevard. All the university students coming to Aşti from Aşti should reach the Gölbaşı Campus area by following the special bus road created on Mevlana Boulevard. From here, they should leave their passengers in the direction of Toki and return to Mevlana Boulevard and make a ring.
2) In addition, the expedited flights to the Gölbaşı-Aşti-Kızılay line must be filled so that the passenger density and time loss between the city center and the district center in the same artery will be relieved and the reduction in the retraction rate will be a remedy.
3) The main transportation master plan of our big city is the main reason of traffic chaos between districts and settlements and the completion of the metros which are primarily mass transportation vehicles and urgently AnkaRay ?? The establishment of the eastern city connection based in the s will be a permanent solution.
We invite the executives of EGO, who are responsible for the problematic transportation of our capital, our multi-award winning local administrators, to the task of ending the persecution of the people of Ankara.

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