Cable car project to the beach

Cable car project to the beach
Provincial General Assembly President Ali Kartal said, "We will try to put the resources we have in the best way in 2013, to the service of our people."
Kartal, a press conference held in the provincial council hall, the special administration 2013 year 23 million 150 thousand pounds determined and 19 increase compared to the previous year said.
Noting that the budget will reach 2013 million lira in 50 with the money from the general administration, Kartal said:
“42 percent of this budget we determined was allocated to investment and the rest to personnel and consumption. Our priority business is road, water and sewerage. Again this year, we will build 48 kilometers of first floor new asphalt and 37,5 kilometers of stabilized road. We have made 2 kilometers of asphalt in the province, which currently has a road network of 300 thousand kilometers. Again, our administration will carry out important studies in the field of education in the next year as in previous years. We will rebuild Atatürk Primary School in the city center and Kaleşah Primary School in Amasra district. We will build a new school in our neighborhood of Ağdacı. We want to complete the Science and Art Center this year. Earthquake reinforcement will be made in Fatih Primary School in our neighborhood of Orduyeri. We will carry out survey and project work on the cable car project to the İnkum beach. Next year, we will establish a children's playground in 15 villages. We will introduce almost half of our 262 villages to children's playgrounds and this will continue to increase every year. In addition, we started to establish waiting stops in our villages. This work will continue to increase. We are struggling to spend 2013 to be more full than 2012. We will try to put it into the service of our people in 2013 by using the resources we have in the best way.

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