İlyas Şeker: YHT for the Environment

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İlyas Şeker, who was the "deputy on duty" in the AKP City Center yesterday, spoke very clearly about the crown quarry to be established in Muşkiye for the construction of the High Speed ​​Train YHT road. Şeker said, “YHT project is a very important project. projects in Turkey. "There is no point in talking about the 16-acre area in Muşkiye for such a project."


Candid, Kocaeli deputy originally from Erzurum, Maşukiye'da stone quarry on the words, "I actually feel sorry," he began. However, the most suitable material for this railroad is located in Maşukiye, said Şeker, adding, en The area in question is Thursday Sunday. Ball turning 16 ball. For such large projects, so much space can be sacrificed. We are not going to give up the YHT project Y.


Former Vice President of Metropolitan, now Kocaeli deputy İlyas Şeker, CHP supporters brought the agenda "Bayraktar plains will pass the train" confirmed the allegations. Sugar. Feasibility study for Istanbul-Kocaeli-Adapazari line is in progress. He's going through this area. There is a railway project focused on freight transport that will extend from the back of the KOU to the 3 throat bridge. However, this rail is not considered for Posco. Agricultural areas in the region can not be opened to industry, alan he said.


İlyas Şeker with the citizens who came to visit him in the AKP provincial center sohbet He reminded that the number of Metropolitan Municipalities increased to 29 with the new law, “The share of the Metropolitan Municipality from tax will increase from 5 percent to 6 percent. The share of district municipalities will increase from 2.5 percent to 4.5 percent. "There will be very important income increases." Şeker said that for the repair of school buildings in our city, an additional appropriation of 4 million 620 thousand TL has been made from the Ministry of National Education.

Source: ÖzgürKocaeli

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