Secondary Bridge Interchange Opened

Secondary Bridge Interchange 26 December 2012 On Wednesday, Transport Maritime and Communications Minister Binali YILDIRIM, Governor of Van Münir KARALOĞLU, General Director of Highways M. Cahit TURHAN, was opened with the participation of local MPs and the public. Speaking at the ceremony, Binali YILDIRIM, 10 gave information about the divided roads made in the year. 10 382 km in the province of Van, indicating that the road has been Yildirim, these roads cost 1,6 billion pounds, he said.
In his speech, General Director of Highways M. Cahit TURHAN said that in order to ensure the uninterrupted passage of the city with the traffic that is increasing day by day, the main traffic arteries in the city's main arteries are made. Köprülü Junction will be opened with the opening of the traffic in the city, indicating that the travel time will be shortened TURHAN, "Traffic accidents will be prevented, exhaust emission and environmental pollution will be reduced, road users will be offered economic, comfortable and safe transportation service," he said.
With the length of the 608 m, the junction 20 m, the road users were provided with an economical, comfortable and safe transportation service. In addition, uninterrupted traffic flow was ensured by preventing the density of urban traffic. Bridge Interchange cost about 54,5 million liras.

Source: KGM



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