High Speed ​​Line Dividing Torbalı in Two, Discussed in the Municipal Council

The High Speed ​​Line to Split Torbalı in Two, Discussed in City Council
The December meeting of Torbalı Municipality Council was held. The main agenda of the meeting was the high-speed train line, which continues to be constructed between Cumaovası and Torbalı and will divide the district in two.
During the meeting held in the Assembly Hall last night, the members of the AK Party expressed that it is necessary to meet with the Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport in order to take the high-speed train line underground. Torbalı Mayor İsmail Uygur stated that they had information that the proposal to be taken underground was not accepted by the Ministry officials.
AK Party City Council Member Hasan Karatoklu, the high-speed train line will divide the county because of the discomfort of the citizen and the need to be overpasses will not meet the need, he said. In this regard, the meeting with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport Karatoklu voicing the need to discuss with President Ismail Uygur, m We also want to take the line underground. However, the ministry does not look hot. Perhaps later, the high-speed train line can be taken out of the district center. If the line is planned from scratch, it would be easier to take it underground. Hat
Mayor of Torbali Uygur also announced that the wedding hall on the 3 floor of the city hall will be used for the needs of the services. X Aydın Sezer Multi-Purpose Hall entered service in the past months. We will close the wedding hall in order to make the municipal services more convenient and to create suitable working conditions. Some of the services of the municipality will be moved to this section. The 'consultation services' that will help the citizens in their transactions with the municipality will then be operational. In this way, I think the citizen can handle their transactions more easily, Bu he said.
Karatoklu, a member of the AK Party, who spoke during the decision of the three lawyers to work in the municipality, said söz Torbalı Municipality does not need a lawyer. Mr. Prime Minister constantly amnesty for municipalities. As long as there is a mayor in Ankara, do not hesitate. Ankara

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