Haydarpaşa being kidnapped

Haydarpaşa being kidnapped
With ISTANBUL Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Kadıköy Among the municipality Kadıköy The polemic about Square continues.
He emphasized that there is an entire plan that brings structuring around Haydarpaşa Station. President Öztürk said: “The name of the plan is with Haydarpaşa Station Kadıköy The Master Plan for the Protection of the Square and its Surroundings is nothing but protected in this plan. The Council of Monuments decided on the view that the historical function of Haydarpaşa Station will continue. Despite this, there is a large density of construction around Haydarpaşa Station. The expression “Cultural facility, accommodation area, lower floors station, upper floors accommodation facility” is used for Haydarpaşa Station. So a nostalgic train will come there, they will build a hotel again. However, immediately behind the station, an area, all of which is tourism and accommodation, is reserved. Why are Gar accommodation being built again when they are available? Their aim is to miss the Haydarpaşa Project by discussing the Atatürk statue.
The square where Atatürk Monument is located has been separated as an area of ​​4 square meters and planned as a fair, fair and festival area. As a plan note, expressions were added on the condition that "units that can be disassembled and dismantled, no basement floor". Metropolitan Municipality says that we will not remove the monument. If it is sincere in this, let's take this fair and fairground section in the plan from the section where Atatürk statue is located and move it to another place. Big city, KadıköyTake your hand from the Monument and its surroundings, where the people see the sea and use it for ceremonies.
Kadir Topbas, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, criticized Ozturk and said: “You will be mayor for years and you will not be able to read the plan. Those who cannot read the plan are not able to address people who have been mayors for years and are not aware of the mayor. No offense.

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