The subway bridge under construction in the Golden Horn is about to finish | Istanbul

Metro crossing bridge in the Golden Horn
The construction of the Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge, which is part of the Taksim-Yenikapı metro line, started in 1998 by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, continues at full speed.
The metro crossing bridge, which was started to be built on January 2012, came into question with the statement that UNESCO will disrupt the historical silhouette of Istanbul which is included in the World Heritage List and the construction of the bridge caused violent controversy. However, despite all the warnings of UNESCO, the ongoing construction is almost over.
Parts of the bridge with the capacity of carrying approximately 800 tons are combined with special cranes. 2013 460 meters the length of the suspension bridge above the sea planned to be completed in the construction of 1. When the bridge becomes operational, XNUMX will allow the transport of millions of passengers per day.

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