Get fast enough train to get fast | Bursa High Speed ​​Train

Get fast enough train to get fast | Bursa High Speed ​​Train
23 An official groundbreaking ceremony was held in December on the high speed train line connecting Bursa to Istanbul and Ankara via Mekece. This line will work alternately as passenger and freight trains. Transportation to Istanbul and Ankara will be shorter. However, I think there will be a significant decrease in the number of those who go to Istanbul with special vehicles.
Previously, I wrote an article on the subject called “Railway-Airport and Gemlik. I made some suggestions. I've been doing projects like speed lately kazanwas. Unfortunately, Bursa high-speed train is very similar to such projects.
I think that Bursa and İnegöl are not connected to the port and railway. Bursa Turkey's 4. major exporter. We have two cars in our factory and the exports of these factories are 4-5 billion dollars. Every day, hundreds of trucks carry cars to the ports, which I think goes into the Guiness book of records.
A high-speed train project to Bursa is a well-intentioned project. For this project to be useful;
It should be connected to Bursa Yenişehir Airport. If this is done, it will increase cargo transportation and the operation of the airport will increase. Rapid railway connection should be established between Bursa and Gemlik free zone, Mudanya and Yalova ports. the free zones in Gemlik, Turkey is the fourth largest port.
The railway should be extended to organized industrial zones. Oyak Renault and Tofaş factories should be connected to the railway.
The biggest problem of the Turkish industry is the cost, the cost of the credit used by its competitors and the price of the energy it uses. An important element in costs is the shipping cost. Railway connections between ports and Bursa will decrease the input cost of our industry and increase our competitive advantage.
The fast train project, which has started in good faith, should be quickly reviewed and its missing parts should be designed and implemented quickly.
Let's finish with a song on the train.
Train income is pleasant income
Rooms come empty
Ley ley limi ley.
Hopefully our train is pleasant and comes full.

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