Gemlike High Speed ​​Train Lottery

Gemlike High Speed ​​Train Lottery
Yesterday was long over.
In the end, the foundation of the expected High Speed ​​Train was laid.
But before any other sorrow was fixed.
Yenişehir Airport was the place where the end of the year.
Nearly a group of 500 people came to Bursa for official ceremony, Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik and Transport Communications and Maritime Minister Binali Yildirim were welcomed with drums at the Yenişehir Airport.
Faruk Celik, Sanliurfa deputy, although his hometown in Bursa how much he loved
once again we observed.
As a result, yesterday;
Protocol speeches were made in the 3 thousand-person tent established in Balat.
Then the figures were given…
According to Minister Yıldırım's figures:
Between 1923 and 1946, 4 thousand 500 km, between 1950 and 2003 945 km, between 2003 and 2012, a thousand 100 km railway was built.
In the last 10 year, the share of Bursa's transportation has been 2 billion 81 million TL.
Lightning ended his speech with the good news.
The good news was that a high-speed train would extend a station to Gemlik.
In short, Bursa hit two birds with one stone.

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