Eurasia Rail Fair 2012 Notes from Opening Speech

Eurasia Rail Fair 2012 Notes from Opening Speech
Eurasia Rail Fair opening Transport - Maritime and
Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım made.
Minister of Transport - Maritime Affairs and Communications
Binali Yildirim 2. Railway Light Rail Systems,
Infrastructure and Logistics Fair at the opening
in the speech, ”For the next 10 years
Our goal (in iron) is me vc ut
30 billion dollar new railway to investments
by adding investment, high speed
10 thousand kilometers to our railway network,
4 bin in our conventional rail network
26 bin of total network by increasing mileage
"will be to raise the kilometer."
In the coming 10 year in this region railway
Yildirim said that the amount of investment in the sector is calculated as 150 billion dollars.
railway infrastructure, railway superstructure, new railway technologies, railway vehicles, high-speed train sets,
more investment, more cooperation, more prosperity for countries and more
that means development.
Binali Yıldırım underlines that the total amount of projects they initiated in the last 9 year has exceeded 40 billion liras.
he draws, ”It has reached 25 billion liras that we have realized until today. Our goal for the next 10 years is available
30 billion dollars of new rail investment by adding investments, our high-speed rail network 10 bin
4 to 26 thousand kilometers to XNUMX thousand kilometers
"will be to raise."
6. In Europe, Turkey's high-speed train operation in the world with 8, Ankara, Eskişehir and Konya to 3
Reminding that he connected the city with high-speed train, Yıldırım said that they would increase this number to 2017 by 13, 10
he emphasized that bringing the new city to a high speed train means.
Minister Yıldırım, 8 March International Women's Day
hence, red carnation was distributed to women.

Meanwhile, Bulgarian Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski,
In his speech at the opening of the exhibition, Pan-European Transport
It is important that the Corridor passes through Bulgaria,
that the transport corridor is also important for Europe
especially those in the corridors of relations with Turkey 4, 9 and 10
Moskovsky, who said 3 corridor is important,
the project will be completed in 2014 in Bulgaria
It reminded.

TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman is also present
universities, non-governmental organizations and
no more rail systems on the platform
in the years of the great change and transformation of railways
entered the private sector's railway industry and
to implement important projects in the way of contributing to

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Türkel Fairs Korhan Yazgan
The first Eurasia Rail Fair was held last year, this year from 20 countries.
200 2 more than XNUMX with the participation of the sector
Emphasizing that it has become an important meeting point, ”Fair
2 to become the world's number two fair in the year
We are committed to. ”



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