Member of the Custodian Steel TÜVASAŞ Visit

TÜVASAŞ Visit of Deputy Çelik
Turkey Wagon Industry Co. Chairman of Board of Directors and General Manager Erol Inal'a better visit the MP, Steel, TUVASAS'ta made investigations.
General Manager Erol Inal and accompanying Assistant General Managers, Hasan Ali Celik, visited TÜVASAŞ's manufacturing plants, and continued to export to Bulgaria, BDZ Wagons and TCDD continued production of Diesel Train Sets. Sakarya Deputy Steel interested in Diesel Train Sets; . I was proud of both our country and Sakarya and TÜVASAŞ “.
Deputy General Manager Erol Inal who gave information about Diesel Train Sets to Hasan Ali Celik, spoke as follows; Lard Up to now, we have completed the 3 set of 12 wagons, which we manufacture for TCDD. We will complete the test drive of 4, which consists of 13 wagons.
Along with TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol İnal, MP Hasan Ali Çelik, who visited TÜVASAŞ Chief Representative of the Workplace Aydın Akaltın and factory employees, with the students who took some of their courses at TÜVASAŞ and studied on "Light Rail Systems" sohbet did. Finally, Hasan Ali Çelik, who attended lunch with the employees, left the factory.

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