Railroad was the favorite transportation route for the industrialist

The railway infrastructure, equipment and new route investments for the industrialists, who contribute to increase the share of railroads in domestic freight traffic and export-oriented transports every day, want to continue increasing.
Turkey while putting up with iron mesh, to be safe, in conformity with the heavy freight, rail reasons unaffected by the constant transit time and weather conditions, transportation is becoming an efficient transport mode for manufacturers and exporters. Demand for railways, which offers more economical and safer options compared to road transport, is increasing day by day.

He made the rail transportation a touchstone

Ford Otosan, which is one of the leading players in the automotive industry targeting 2015 million production and 2 million exports for 1,5 year and beyond, exports about 70 of its production. Cengiz Kabatepe, Deputy General Manager of Ford Otosan, who exports to more than 60 countries, says their factories have been following a policy that takes care of their logistics processes since the foundation. Kabatepe pointed out that the competitiveness of the world markets depends on maintaining the supply chain at the most cost-effective way.
According to the information given by Kabatepe, Ford Otosan distributes the vehicles with finished products at a rate of% 95 by sea. X According to the vessels operating on the 4 route including the United States, the vehicles coming out of our production are delivered to the final customers in the shortest time by taking these vessels with the principle of Just in Time ile It attracts. Kabatepe underlined that this high rate of railway use, which provides a cost advantage, is an important success of Ford Otosan in the field of international logistics. he speaks.

To increase its advantage in exports by rail

Indesit Company, one of the leading European brands in the household appliances sector, produces refrigerators in its factory located in Manisa. In the 2011 1 300 thousand refrigerators million, indicating that Turkey Indesit Company performs production Logistics Manager Levent Özer, giving it 85% of the information that is exported. Ozer, who ranked the most prominent countries in terms of exports as UK (% 40), France (% 25) and Italy (), says that they have created a volume of 70 thousand tons per year. Özer says that they prefer to use sea rail in transportation, but they also use the railway partially.
Özer said that they used the railway in the Turkic Republics and said: maliyet Nowadays, shipping costs can make it into a market and it may require to leave a market. We know that railway transportation is a suitable transportation method for heavy, light-weight products. In this context, since the existing railway infrastructure in Europe is not in our country, especially exporters are disadvantaged compared to their European competitors. Bu

Choose railway for transit time and economic transportation

Turkey tractor market in the first three companies within the Erkunt Tractors, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal and Jordan also realizes exports to 27 countries, among them. Erkunt Tractor General Manager Zeynep Erkunt Armağan stated that they create a cargo volume of approximately 7 tons in a year and says that they use the highway for their exports to European countries and the sea transportation for their exports to the Far East. According to the information given by Armağan, 500 thousand 4 tons of transportation is carried out by road and 500 thousand tons by sea. Stating that they have not yet used the railroad in freight transfers, Armağan says: “But when the necessary conditions are met, we want to try a safe transportation method such as rail. The transit time and cost advantage of the railroad compared to the highway will increase its preferability. At the same time, load tracking must be provided. Railway transportations will necessarily require interim transfers by road. A professional tool will be needed to manage this process. All these points I mentioned will be our priority criteria when we start to use the railway. When these expectations are fully met, we will have no hesitation to use a safe method of transportation such as rail. "


Preferential railway in the Balkans and the Middle East

Situated between Turkey's leading steel pipe manufacturers Noksel, it strengthens the role of the European market with new investments. The company is able to compete with manufacturers in every corner of the world, exports more than 70 percent of its products. Noksel exports more than 400 thousand tons annually to domestic and overseas, and exports more than one thousand tons of 100 to Balkan and East European countries and 200 thousand tons to other countries by sea.
According to Noksel, the biggest advantage of the railway is its competitive freight. Uy However, this advantage is only possible with the installation and the train station being close to the construction sites and the distance to go. Yön Noksel managers emphasize that they are looking for railway transportation service 'partners' when choosing their partners.

Denizli transports 100 thousand tons of cement by rail 

Eren Holding In the 1987 year started its operations in Denizli Cement, in terms of capacity today with Turkey's largest cement production capacity is among the companies. The company, which produces nearly 3 million tons of cement annually, exports its 20 to the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. The company prefers the railway for more than 100 thousand tons of cement a year. However, the company officials have a great advantage in terms of the cost of the railway, although the lack of lines because of this advantage can not benefit from the advantage of the following expresses as follows: As the Qatar is very low, the tonnage in transportation is falling. For this reason, we cannot use the railway to the extent that we aim. Bu

Exports to Mersin for the first time Termikel

Termikel, which operates in the field of production of household appliances, also takes the power of the railway in export.
Termikel products were moved in the first time of the container train, which provided the connection of the industrialist of Ankara to the sea. Termikel Inc. Chairman Ahmet Kaya stated that they preferred to send overseas ovens out of Ankara to Mersin Port by container train. Why else would he invest in this area? Industrialists want fast, economical and safe transportation. The container train also offers us this opportunity. Our load of 33 wagons reaches 22 hour in Mersin Port and is sent abroad from here. Our goal is to increase the transport rate by rail. Hedef While increasing this, the other companies in the Organized Industrial Zone also advised that they should use the railway in their exports. Shortly thereafter, railway transportation from the organized industrial zone will be significant. I believe that in 2023 we will reach our export destination 500 billion dollars faster by container train. İnan

Source: Logistics Line



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