Çorum Railway Project can be implemented at 2017

Çorum Railway Project will be implemented at 2017
Mayor Muzaffer Külcü said, “2023 projects include railways. It is anticipated that the Çorum Railway Project will be implemented in 2017. These are huge investments. It is not possible to invest only by considering this Çorum. Kırıkkale-Çorum-Samsun Port connection is definitely anticipated. We will do this, we have no going back from this. We have a problem in freight transportation. We can go from Ankara to Samsun by ourselves, but we cannot take our burden. " said.
Çetin Başaranhıncal, Chairman of Çorum Chamber of Commerce and Industry, gave information about Çorum's current economic situation, trade volume, import and export figures and production capacities. TSO President Çetin Başaranhıncal, after giving information about the potential of Çorum, brought the request of Çorum Railway Project to the agenda and emphasized that the railway is especially necessary for the development of Çorum industry.

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