Çatalfırın Viaduct cuts off T1 tram line in Bursa

When the fork's viaduct was made, it solved the problem because it prevented the intersection of traffic from three different directions. Today the traffic order has changed, the entrance to the viaduct was its own problem for the funnel returned to the mouth. It has also been added to cut the front of the tram Buna
Year 1989 oman The late Mayor Teoman Özalp, who was elected as Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, has taken a quick start to the city.
In the first place İlk
Çatalfırın, Hal and Demirtaşpaşa began the construction of crossroads.
That period O
Traffic from Fevzi Çakmak and Haşim İşcan streets stopped the traffic coming from Altıparmak and coming down from Çakırhamam while returning to Sculpture.
The viaduct made to Çatalfırın was not an aesthetic structure but it eliminated the most problematic point of urban transportation at that time and provided uninterrupted transportation.
Bursa's traffic order has changed. There is no longer a vehicle from Çakırhamam or Cumhuriyet Street to Altıparmak. The vehicles come from Haşim İşcan and Fevzi Çakmak or move to Altıparmak to the right or enter the viaduct to reach Atatürk Street.
So what…
Haşim İşcan and Fevzi Çakmak vehicles coming from two lanes In Şehreküstü, the thought of entering the viaduct in a single lane begins.
The entrance of the viaduct suddenly becomes a funnel mouth and locks the traffic.
Since the beginning of the new traffic order, we have written many times that the Çatalfırın Viaduct, which solves the problem when it is done in these columns, has become a problem.
From the echoes, the desire to discuss the subject extensively is growing.
Then ...
Mayor Recep Altepe has started the tram project which will solve the problem of public transportation in the city as well as the vehicle density in the city center.
He came to project Çatalfırın Viaduct.
In a sense, Çatalfırın Viaduct became a structure that intercepted the tram after vehicle traffic.
The problem is:
How will the tram line from Altıparmak pass the landing of the viaduct in connection with the Cemal Nadir Avenue in front of the Çarşı Police Station?
As the tram 4-5 will pass in a minute, will the traffic from the streets of Fevzi Çakmak and Haşim İşcan wait for the 5 to pass a tram per minute?
One more thing…
What happens when the viaduct is cut down to the street during the construction of the line?
How can Haşim İşcan become the only route after the closure of Cumhuriyet Caddesi to the vehicle traffic and the intense vehicle traffic coming from Fevzi Çakmak, which provides access to the city, will reach the center?
In that respect O
Since Özalp has provided uninterrupted transportation, Çatalfırın Viaduct, which solves the problem, has become the main problem that cuts off transportation. This is the reason why the debate on the abolition has been on the agenda again.

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