Meaning of high-speed train and ceremony notes to Bursa

Meaning of high-speed train and ceremony notes to Bursa
The groundbreaking ceremony of the high-speed train that will connect Bursa to Ankara and Istanbul was a very important development.
We will see how fast the high-speed train will make our lives easier, if not today, at 2016.
If you think about it, you will be in Ankara or Istanbul just after the 2 hour 15 minutes after you step into the passage station.
Today, we reach 5 in Ankara and 4 hours in Istanbul.
Moreover, as a railway, safe and pleasant transportation.
Bursa, which has not been smiling face to face for years in the air transportation, will finally laugh at the rail transportation.
The groundbreaking ceremony was as magnificent as the high-speed train investment.
Despite the cold weather, thousands of people were following the ceremony.
Certainly, the ceremony was the scene of the meeting of the 3 minister.
Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik, Sanliurfa after going to the groundbreaking ceremony for the first time a Bursa investment.
For this reason, Steel's speech was the most curious.
In fact, Steel had never changed.
With his speech, he declared that he was following Bursa very closely…
We understand that they have not lost their sensitivity to this city.
In addition, although Minister Çelik was in Şanlıurfa for nearly 2 years, he was applauded by Bursalians and party members as if he were still Bursa deputy.
Transport Minister Binalı Yıldırım 40 spoke of an Bursa-based scholarship as a friend of Bursa. Of course, there is no word to say that the high-speed train comes to Bursa.
However, it is not correct to underestimate the opposition and to make promises to mean that the AKP government did not have a single nail before it.
Minister Yıldırım's statement, “The investments we have made in the last 10 years are equivalent to 80 years of investments” is very ambitious.
Moreover, an unfair discourse.
These sentences are unfair to both the founding cadres of the Republic, which have carried out the industrial move of a capital-lacking country and the state economic enterprises, and the past governments that protect the assets of the state.
Lightning might be right about this:
After the years of 50, only the AKP government has succeeded in knitting the country, which is the biggest ideal of Atatürk.
The boycotts of the opposition deputies
A large number of Bursa citizens and politicians attended the opening of the high-speed train.
Of course, it was not possible to see all the politicians among the crowd.
Although MPs of the opposition parties were also invited, the CHP was represented only by Aykan Erdemir at the ceremony.
Erdemir's brave attitude would not escape the eyes of Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, thanking the young parliament member from the podium.
MHP deputies did not attend the invitation… (We talked with MHP Bursa Deputy Necati Özensoy about the reason for not attending the ceremony.
There was another first in the ceremony…
22 for an investment of the government for the first time in a long time. and 23. MPs were also invited.
Thus, MPs who had not been seen in the activities of the ruling party for a long time had attended a ceremony after a long period of time.

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