BursaRay stations and bridge renovations are over

BursaRay stations and bridge renovation work since the last year, almost because of returning to the construction site in the east of Bursa, will begin to breathe easy from January.

The city center, which connects the city center Yildirim, Kestel and Gürsu'ye Ankara, metro, bridge and asphalt works indicating that the end of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, transport to relax until the month of 1, in the summer of BursaRay Kestel flights will begin.

Examining the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality on the Ankara Road, Mayor Altepe said that the activities related to the extension of the BursaRay lines are continuing and the bridges on the streams are renewed. Reminding that 2 bridges on Hacivat Creek, Balıklıdere and Deliceçay were redesigned with 3 lanes each, President Altepe stated that a separate bridge was built for metro lines on the same lines. Emphasizing that the east of the city has returned to the construction site in connection with the works, Mayor Altepe said that the region has changed the complete vision from infrastructure works to underground existing electricity lines and environmental arrangements. Noting that the intense activities have come to an end, Mayor Altepe said, “We want to save our citizens from trouble as soon as possible. Studies have largely recovered. Bridge renovation works have been completed in the whole region. We have now started asphalt works. Hopefully the asphalt works will be completed within 1 month at the latest if the weather is available. In other words, going and going to Kestel from here will be easily done in January. ”

Altepe emphasized that the BursaRay stations are extending to Kestel as well as the bridge renovation and asphalt works. Our goal is to arrive in Kestel in the middle of next summer. Our teams work day and night Ekip.



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