Bursa Yenişehir high-speed train tunnels open continuously

Bursa Yenişehir high-speed train tunnels open continuously
4 74 to be completed between Bursa Yenisehir 11 high-speed train line will be opened in the 9 tunnel XNUMX work is uninterrupted.
In the district of Balat in Nilufer district, the teams will form a tunnel as 3 shift on the Bursa Yenişehir high-speed train line, which will be laid with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım and Labor and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik. When the first projected, the tunnel number of 12 was reduced to 11 by converting the first tunnel near Balat to trench. The first 8 tunnel from Balat to the last and longest 4,5 kilometer in the last tunnel 24 hours of continuous work continues.
The ground temperature of the ground is 17 degrees protect workers from snow and night cold. Alasar 1 tunnel 534 meters, Alasar 2 tunnel 260 meters, Ismetik tunnel 5 meters, Demirtaş tunnel 230 meters, Demirtas subway tunnel 2 bin 440 meters, Igdir tunnel 785 meters, winter tunnel tunnel 225 meters, Barakfakih tunnel, 210 185 meters, Golbasi tunnel 2 meters, Erdemir tunnel 685 thousand 4 meters, the Marmaracık tunnel will be the length of 440 thousand XNUMX meters.
5 works in 9 tunnel in separate subcontractor firm. Because the rock is in the tunnels, controlled explosion is made by stones. As the ground is ground in the 2 tunnel, studies are more difficult. In this tunnel, the teams work harder with the method of digging. In the first stage, the teams that will place the upper iron construction molds of the tunnel will throw 40 centimeters. Çelikler Holding YSE construction will carry out the construction of the rail of the line which is being constructed by another company.
Bursa Bilecik line was given to two different companies in two stages. Other than Bursa Yenişehir, other teams work between Bilecik and Yenişehir. With this system, the productions will be completed in 4 year and the fast train will be connected to the high speed train line between Istanbul and Istanbul Ankara in 2016. Thus, Bursa Ankara 2 clock will go down.

Source : I haber.mynet.co

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