Bursa Transportation Master Plan completed

The Bursa Transportation Master Plan was completed: The transportation scientist institution authorized by the Metropolitan Municipality completed the Bursa Transportation Master Plan for the future of the city.
The current situation assessment and the 2030 indexed projections carried into 1000 page planning. Brenner, a new century after a century of this work was signed.
The basic principles and recommendations aim at eliminating the hardships and expectations of transportation, easy and economical transportation, and the planned and efficient service of the local government.
Compared to the 1990'ye years, Light Tram, as well as Tram, is now an important part of the definitive solution, is shown as a priority and priority. Suggestion lines and main principles are specified.
Pre-mentioned; Usu When the public transport system of the future is considered as a concept, it is based on the creation of a tram network in the corridors where the passenger demand will be the most. “
In terms of basic principles Temel
Tram lines are also showing the primary public transport system. In the future of the tram lines, north-south connections are also considered.
In addition to the ongoing Atatürk Caddesi- İnönü Street-Kent Meydanı-Altıparmak Avenue line, the line is also recommended for the Intercity Bus Terminal, Merinos-Soğanlı Botanic Junction and Yalova Road- Fairground East.
The fact that buses do not work in Atatürk Street, which will be designed as a pedestrian zone in the future, is the scientific determination of the thought that has been spoken for several years. In addition to Ataturk Street, Altiparmak Street is also expected to be pedestrian-oriented.
In the important east-west axis known as parallel lines, it is mentioned that the primary bus lines can serve, while preferential road application is expressed with bus priority. On the Altiparmak Street, two-way tram and buses can be operated.
The role of feeding into minibuses, primary and secondary lines is envisaged. It is important to make transfer links for Light Metro and Tramways.
The route of the bus lines and the full re-evaluation of the time interval of the Light Metro flights bring the need for administrative radical work. The construction of the 4 tram line, including the ongoing construction, can be arranged in a double carriage and the flights can be arranged in 6 every minute.
The total number of 8 lines and voyages for the primary lines in the buses is one 7.5 per minute and the second 83 lines and flights of the secondary lines can be one 15 per minute. Trains of the tram in Cumhuriyet Street, 10 can be one minute.
Among the innovations for innovation are the application of microbials for the areas of industry, industry and industry where the transportation is uncommon and has a narrow path and toaster structure. Expanding the application limited to some lines; The total 68 line and the 15 range are raised every minute in minutes.
A Mini Tram Line can be established on the axis of Halitpaşa Caddesi- Mustafakemalpaşa Street determined in Mudanya.
Light Metro, Mudanya road line up to the further up to the gate until the passage to the entrance of the Kestel and the extension of the line again, was recorded. 5 2.5 4 on lines and joint lines XNUMX minutes per minute, the wagons may be in the evening XNUMX'li draws attention.
Bicycle parking and parking arrangements at the station points are among the other highlights. In this context, especially in Uludag University, the 300 cycling park is cared for, while 7 bin 100 parking lot and 4 bin 200 cycling arrangement are foreseen. It is emphasized the necessity of general regulations in order to encourage bicycle transportation.
The importance of public transportation, the expansion and strengthening of public transportation problems are considered, all of which are considered, as well as the planning of flights, and the tariff of wages.
In the section where the tariff system is addressed, it is said that a tariff system should be implemented in order to strengthen the public transport system, which is simple, socially appropriate and easy to understand and that the transfer will not cause an additional cost. In addition to the BuKart application with a cash charge, it is possible to pay by credit card.
By the way…
While the Bursa Transportation Master Plan was in the process of preparation, it was learned that the 2030 Bursa Provincial Environment Plan was completed with a concurrent process.

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