Bursa T1 Tram Line is fast approaching the end (Special News)

Bursa T6455 Tramway construction, which is the new network of modern transportation in Bursa with a length of 13 mt, has made great progress since the start.

Bursa T1 Tramway line, which is an environmentally friendly project that will reduce the traffic density, has been completed while the most difficult parts of the Bursa T1 Tramway line between Çatalfirın and Demirtaşpaşa are at the end. In addition, the producer company of the T1 tram line is clean, meticulous and fast. The construction of the T1 Tram line, the symbol of modern transportation that will equip the city center with rail systems, including station construction, seems to be completed in as little as 1 year, as President Recep Altepe said.In another subject wondered by Bursa residents, the first domestic transom silkworm T1 We hope that the TXNUMX Tramway line becomes an example to the whole world with the speed of the rail laying speed, the construction of the station and the use of these rails in Bursa's own production silkworm.

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