Bursa T-1 Tram line is one of the projects

Bursa T-1 Tram line is one of the projects
Bursa T-1 Tram line, which the Metropolitan continues to construct in the city center through BURULAŞ, is one of the local projects that has its share of the judiciary.
Bursa 2 with the application of dolmuş owners working in the Garage-Sculpture line in the Metropolitan Assembly tomorrow. The storage area in the SIT area within the Reşat Oyal Culture Park of the Bursa T-1 Tram line canceled by the Administrative Court was taken out of the project and reintroduced into the 1 / 1000 scale development plan.
Thus, the justification for the cancellation decision of the administrative judiciary for T-1 will disappear.
Another project of the Parliament, which was canceled by the court in the Metropolitan Municipality, is the Fethiye Viaduct.
With this project, the Metropolitan Municipality aimed to facilitate the connection between the districts of Osmangazi and Nilüfer, which were interrupted by the rail system and to provide the vehicle connection again.
For this matter, Bursa 1. The decision of the Administrative Court to stop the execution of the operation will be made.

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