Bursa İMO Branch appealed to the court for the new Bursa tramway

Bursa İMO Branch appealed to the court for the new Bursa tramway
While the Metropolitan Municipality was being sued by double arm in public transportation, it was also double shocked by double new development.
The Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO), which is suing the new tram line, continued its appeal.
The decision was made to stop the execution of the case, partly due to the fact that the application was part of the scope of the Urban and Natural SIT, and the decisions were not completed and the decisions were not continued.
The Metropolitan Municipality stated that the decision against it did not affect the construction of the project, but the IMO did not think so.
Taking into account the defense of the local administration institution, 1. Some thoughts and information were provided to the Administrative Court.
Therefore ...
Message delivered:
”The project should be stopped!“
As regards the relevant zoning plan changes, ED EIA report needs to be prepared; however, it has been determined that the EIA report was not prepared or not for the mentioned plan changes. ancak
Regarding the scope of the SIT, it is emphasized that there is no decision of the General Directorate of Protection of Natural Heritage of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Regional Board for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets.
Although the metropolitan municipality bases the project on the Master Plan of Transportation, it is stated that there is no such operation.
The transfer of transportation services to Bursa Transport Inc. (BURULAŞ), which carries out the project, is also open for discussion. In the objection, "the necessary approval from the Ministry of the Interior should be received this approval is not taken, a new one has been added to the chain of illegal transactions."
By the way…
Bursa Chamber of Private Public Busers came to the agenda with the disputes and harsh statements of the Metropolitan Municipality and achieved a legal result.
Due to the giant-rejection of public transportation services to BURULAŞ, the administrative court process, in which the Metropolitan Municipality was prosecuted, stopped the execution.
Expectations were not fully realized, but only if the parts of public transportation, analysis, vehicle types and numbers and hour tariffs services were transferred to BURULAŞ, the result was that the compensation could be difficult and impossible.
The AK Party provincial chairman Sedat Yalçın was also involved in the conflict between the local government and the private sector. A meeting was held with the participation of the parties.
President of the Metropolitan Municipality Fahreddin Yildirim and BURULAS General Manager Levent Fidansoy and the Executive Vice President of the Chamber of Public Buses BURTAŞ Ramazan Umur'la Chairman of the Board of Directors, the process of evaluation of the political will was initiated.
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