Bursa Bandırma high speed train line

📩 13/12/2012 13:59

Bursa Bandırma high-speed train line. Here, I wrote about the Bandırma in MB from the first writings of Bandırma and Bursa to see the correct sea to see the sea of ​​Bursa Bandırma high-speed train line should be done as soon as possible I underlined the importance.
While Bursa has moved rapidly towards becoming a very important industrial city, it has repeatedly stated that its biggest disadvantage is its not being connected to the world by the busy railways, sea routes and airways; I was attracted by those concerned.
This issue is two-faced; If a line to be extended from Ankara to Bursa, Bursa Bandırma high speed train line connection will be provided; they will benefit from this in both cities at an advanced level.
Bursa; it gets hot in summer. People of Bursa want to throw themselves into the sea. Although the closest place is Mudanya, for some reason the sea of ​​Mudanya is not very attractive for me to swim. Perhaps the residents of Bursa also think the same way that they flee every weekend and come to Erdek via Bandırma. Most of the residents of Bursa also have summer flats in Erdek.
The heart wishes that the fast line to Bandırma will extend to Erdek.
Of course, the biggest goal of making a railway is to move industrial goods to foreign countries. With such a train, it is possible to transport all kinds of industrial and agricultural products from Bursa to Bandırma at the latest within one hour. Bandırma is a great harbor. It is evolving.
Latest news in newspapers; and the statements of the politicians speaking on this issue indicate that construction of this line will start as soon as possible and that Bandırma will now be connected to Ankara via Ankara by speed rail. It's not possible not to love.
This is extremely pleasing for both urban people. Hopefully we will see the results at the end of 20015 at the latest.
The first step of the ana Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project tem, which aims to connect Bursa and Bandırma Port to the railway network, will continue at full speed on the Bursa-Yenişehir line. The project will reduce the journey time between Bursa and Ankara to 16 for the 2 hour.
The trip time between Bursa and Ankara will be reduced to 2 hours by 15.
These news are very gratifying news for both urban people. Bandırma people, Ankara-Bursa fast rail, Bursa does not end, rapidly to extend to Bandırma much wants. Of course, they will not be pleased with the news as always "Bus companies" is. But they have always been flexible in creating new opportunities for themselves. Smart companies always know how to make money.
This bill, which will open Bursa to the whole world, is among the most pleasing news of the last days.
This high-speed train project is perhaps one of the most important projects of recent years. All of Europe, all European cities connected with each other, these high-speed train lines, we were satisfied with the highways. However, a train maybe 100 bus or truck will carry the goods, people can move from place to place very quickly. And the effects began to be seen in line in Turkey.
It is our hope to connect with each other with high-speed train line each side of Turkey. In this business, it is much delayed project in Turkey. It is desirable to make all planned lines as soon as possible. Of course, we, as Bandırma as our own, are looking forward to the Bursa train showing itself at the Gar.


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