Today is the day of the fate of Haydarpasha | Haydarpasa Train Station

Today is the day of the fate of Haydarpasha | Haydarpasa Train Station
TCDD was asked, 'Why is the clock of the station not working?' The response came from TCDD Deputy Regional Manager. The fate of the station and the clock will be announced today.
Nihat Bey, my uncle was on the railways cook. I thought you were my uncle. I'm riding the train from Haydarpaşa he is now, you would not believe, I think my home station "I can not say ... the Republic of Turkey State Railways Regional Manager Acting as a long titre and dark blue suit with Nihat Bey's attention, balcony geraniums my sentences with the help of crazy POYRAZ rpm sounds like dispersed than at the beginning because. I say, "I'm bored."
We are on the roof of Haydarpaşa Station. In a black hole. My hair is flying against a beautiful view. A sort of grave visit… The roof of the station is also a dead for God, the more it decayed in his grave in two years.
Last week, I asked, "When is the station going to work?" Nihat Aslan wanted to explain why he was not working: Because the project related to the restoration of the station was completed only after the 6 month after the fire. Since then, the decision of the Council of Monuments was expected to nail. 5 No. 21 2012 Friday, December XNUMX will announce the decision. It's time, so the board's decision isn't being repaired. Here, Nihat Bey said, de If you want to be very elif lady, take the cable with extension, let's run the clock, and you can relax. But the watch's open. It rains, it smashes from a place, then you find the crime again. Yağmur
"Two years is a very long time," I say. He was not. “It's all there.“ Orum If this is a hotel for you, I won't burn you “. Gelişme There is no definite development regarding the hotel project. "I don't believe what you say," I say. He went to talk to a college. There is also unbelievable.
Today, with the coming news, the restoration will end at the latest within a year, and the clock will start working in the spring of 2013. The project that will turn Haydarpaşa into a hotel. En Don't be too upset, ”he says, shaking my hand. We do not know that we watched two films of Emek Cinema, we stand on the back of the Gezi Park trees, because we left on the streets of Tarlabaşı, kissed and kissed our boy we think of all the walls in the city. We think this city is our home. And as a friend of mine said, sa If that clock doesn't work, we're ashamed to look at the clock on our arm.

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