Bozdoğan 15 thousand TL Investment

İsmail Kaya and Galip Özel, members of the Aydın Provincial Assembly's Bozdoğanlı, evaluated the 165 million TL resource allocated to Bozdoğan from the Aydın Provincial Special Administration's 2013 million 15 budget.
Following the adopted budget, some local press organs for the Bozdoğan Investors' Directorates and District Special Administrations of the budgets that are misinterpreting the plan, the Budget Commission President with the CHP General Assembly Member İsmail Kaya and Bozdoğan MHP Province General Assembly Member Galip Özel press release made information.
Plan, Budget Commission President CHP Provincial Councilor İsmail Kaya, about two weeks in the news of the agenda in the news, stating that they were busy in the news about us, said that there is no consistency. As a result of the joint efforts with the Provincial Assembly Member of the MHP, Galip Özel said that they brought great investments to Bozdoğan in the 4 year. Ik Last year, an investment like 5-6 Million TL came to Bozdoğan, and as a result of the works and projects carried out this year, we brought an investment like 15 Million TL. As written in the news in a local newspaper, our district has not received the least share, but has received a large share. In fact, the necessity of this issue on the budget of the district manager's proposal on this budget, we have done extra support with the commission. 15 80 99 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Since the news does not reflect the reality, we want the citizens not to respect this kind of writings. Çıkan
When we look at Bozdoğan in general, you see that there is no service for politics. De It was done in all of our villages. If the pitch, the road is the way, the wedding hall is it. We did this not only for Bozdoğan but also for the evaluation of problems from all our districts due to the Presidency of the Commission. Plan, Budget Commission President Ismail Kaya, the committee formed under my chairmanship, representing MHP, Vice President Hayri Güleç and Orhan Karasuoğlu, AK Party representing Ahmet Eker and Kenan Ozcan, representing the CHP, Mehmet Bozdag and Orhan Korkmaz. As a result, we were elected as a member of the Provincial Assembly through the political parties, and at this point we thought that 7 commission member as representatives, and made a visit to the village of 17 in 493 by making observations of our friends of the provincial council. But we didn't see it in Bozdogan. Our friend from the AK Party came to us one day to say that the village did not need to say that the problem. He didn't give us a problem. Only the village why so many have given so much help in this village used the expressions. We asked him to tell us how much money he left for his project and to make it work for any village which he needed, but unfortunately we did not see these works. Galip bey from MHP in Bozdoğan, AK Party Ahmet Eker in the closest region of our district in the commission we worked in harmony. So this shows that we are coming together from different political parties to serve, ak he said.

Source: IHA


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