Last minute development of Balçova Cable Car tender

Balçova Cable Car tender last minute development
Last minute development occurred at the cable car facilities in Balçova. In the 2nd tender canceled by the Public Procurement Authority (KIK), the STM firm, which had stopped the execution of the decision of the KIK by the court decision and then abolished the decision of the Regional Administrative Court to stop the execution, won the legal struggle. In the case brought by the STM to the 14th Administrative Court of Ankara, the court canceled the decision of the JCC that canceled the tender. With the news from STM company yesterday evening, the ropeway facilities, which have been closed for 5 years, have now been opened.
This decision of the court also relieved the Metropolitan Municipality, whose construction could not be started for 5 years. While the JCC has the right to appeal against the decision of the administrative court before the Council of State, it has been stated that the Metropolitan will invite STM to sign a contract in the process following the notification of the court decision to them.

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